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General Pest Prevention: Ants, Roaches

Ants and cockroaches can pose a health risk to people who live and work in Florida or Georgia. Dealing with both of these pests can be difficult because they are known to produce large colonies. These pests are able to escape detection while nesting in the walls, attic or basement areas of a building. They can also travel from one structure to another in a short amount of time, and this enables them to form large colonies. Our professional experts are always available to answer any questions you may have about insect control in the various areas of Florida and Georgia....
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Importance of Preventative Termite Protection

The south is home to an array of pests that can invade your house at any moment. However, few of these pests are as detrimental or damaging as termites. When you want to protect your home and your family from termites, learn how to prevent and keep these pests away for good. Why Get Rid of Termites? You probably already know that termites can quickly damage your home's structure. In a matter of weeks, your home could become greatly compromised by even the smallest of termite infestations. If you want to protect your home's integrity, it is crucial that you know...
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5 Signs of Termites

5 Signs of Termites When a house is infested with termites, a homeowner may face extreme structural damage. Many times, signs of an infestation may not be evident until it is too late. This is why hiring a trusted team of pest control experts to perform regular inspections is crucial. Also, it is vital to comprehend the red flags that may indicate a problem. At Bug Out Service, we are dedicated to keeping your home free of termites and other pests. Five Signs of Termites Here are five of the most common signs of termites in your home. 1. Mud Tubes....
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New Year's Resolution: Keep your home Pest free

New Year's Resolution: Keep your home Pest free The team at Bug Out in Jacksonville, Florida, knows you have more than pest prevention on your mind. But of all the ways you can improve your life in the new year, keeping your loved ones safe and healthy could be the most important. Professional pest prevention treatments help keep your home free of disease-carrying bugs and provide a sense of comfort. These five easy steps can also make your home less attractive to insects and spiders in 2017 and beyond. Eliminate pet waste Seal your trash Go clutter-free Store all food Prevent...
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Have a Pest Free Holiday

Have a Pest Free Holiday The holidays are supposed to be a time when you welcome visitors into your home. After all, spending time with family and friends is the highlight of the year for some people. But what happens if some uninvited guests make an appearance at the festivities? Nothing is more embarrassing than having a guest catch a glimpse of an infestation, so you'll want to make sure that you're doing everything in your power to avoid such a faux pas during the most wonderful time of the year. Here are some tips to keep those nasty critters away...
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