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Preparing Your Home for Fall Pests

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As the warm weather and sunny skies of summer fade away, you are likely planning for fall events. During this time, many pests will search for food, resources and a place to call home, and your house could be the next target. Some people opt to overlook the issue, feeling as though they will never face a pest problem. Not taking action will put them at an even greater risk, and you don't want to fall into that trap if you care about your home. Taking a few steps to protect yourself and to prevent common pests from overstaying their...
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Preventing Ants From Joining Your Tailgate or Fall BBQ

Picnics and ants go together like peanut butter and jelly. It seems like every picnic or outdoor barbecue always brings out the ants in droves. It’s that time of year for people to have tailgating and BBQ get togethers, firing up the grill with good food, friends and family. If you want to enjoy a meal without fighting off the ants, Bug Out Service can help. Avoiding Ants at Your Barbecue The South is no stranger to ants. In fact, you can find many different ant species roaming yards throughout North Florida and Southeast Georgia. From the destructive carpenter ant...
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Ants vs. Fire Ants

No matter where you live or how hard you might try to prevent pests from invading, eliminating the problem can seem all but impossible. Although you will likely encounter a range of pests, ants are some of the most common. When you spot them crawling on your sidewalk or in your home, it's vital you learn to identify the type of ant with which you are dealing so that you can act appropriately. Even if you only spot a single ant in the area, responding quickly is important when it comes to preventing a much larger infestation, and stopping them...
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Chinch Bug Prevention & Control

If you have put in your best effort to get your lawn looking healthy and vibrant without much luck, you could be the target of chinch bugs. These tiny insects are less than one-fifth of an inch long, but they will destroy your grass before you know what happened. Some people ignore the problem because they think that it will go away on its own, but you will need to act promptly if you want to protect your yard from the threat. After you arm yourself with the right information, you will be able to determine whether or not these...
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Don't Let Bed Bugs Suck the Life Out of Your Summer Travel

Bed bugs only measure about 0.18 inches, but they manage to wreak a lot of havoc. Records of bed bug infestations go back to ancient Greece. They've always been considered a menace due to their resiliency and tendency to cause painful, itching lesions after sucking human blood. Most people associate them with slums or third-world countries, but a nice hotel can become infested with bed bugs just as easily as a cheap one. The only difference is that most nice hotels do their best to utilize proper pest control. That said, bed bugs can travel quickly, and if they arrive...
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