3 Reasons You Need to Treat Your Home Fast for Termites

Termite going in and out of their tunnel

If termites have invaded your home and you want to protect yourself from danger, taking steps to handle the problem is vital. Termites can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs if you don’t get them under control at the first sign of their presence. The good news is that a knowledgeable and experienced pest control professional can help. Below are the top three reasons you need preventative termite protection or take action the moment you notice the red flags of a termite invasion.

Termites Can Cause Structural Damage

Termites that get into your home or place of business can eat wooden floors, walls, furniture and support beams. Some people don’t know how to spot the warning signs or choose to ignore the threat, believing it will go away on its own. Unless you get rid of them promptly, termites can cause structural damage to your property before you know it. You will then need to pay for repairs so that the structure will be safe for you and others. Having termite protection in place can ward off potential infestations and a warranty protection can protect you from losses.

Termites Can Spread

Some people will spot termites in a barn or shed and decide to ignore the issue. Since the pests are not in their home, they don’t see a reason to invest in a solution, but you can’t afford to do this. Subterranean termites can establish new colonies in an area in a short amount of time, so it’s imperative to have preventative treatment in place or act quickly at the sign of any termites. If termites are located near your home and you fail to act, they won’t take long to make their way to your home, and you will have another problem about which to worry.

Termite Populations Grow Quickly

If you have noticed the signs of termite activity but have not yet taken action, you might want to reconsider. While you will need to invest in a solution right away, addressing the issue at the start is cheaper than waiting too long. Because a termite population can grow faster than you likely suspect, getting rid of your unwelcome guests will be much harder in the future. While workers only live for two to five years, queens can live for up to 25 years and lay thousands of eggs each day.

Bug Out

If termites are in your home or office and you want to get the problem under control right away, you have come to the right place. At Bug Out, we have the tools and training needed to turn your termite problem into a thing of the past. We will inspect your property and its structures and recommend the best treatment option for protection against this unrelenting pest. We offer a damage warranty with $1 million protection on qualifying structures in the event of an infestation and damage. We invite you to reach out to us right away if you have questions or concerns about how we can help.