Don’t Let Ants Control Your Home This Summer

AntHow can you stop those ants from marching one by one this summer? From ruining a good picnic to painfully biting your skin, ants are always unwanted seasonal guests. If you live in the greater Atlanta area, here is a quick look at the type of ants that may try to take control of your home, office or property.

Common Ants in Georgia

Argentine Ants – Considered one of the most common ants in Atlanta, Argentine ants are either light or dark brown and roughly an eighth of inch in length. These ants create huge colonies with hundreds of queens. Also, Argentine ants love to make their nests in moist soil, beneath boards, or near buildings. The problem with this ant species is the pheromone trails that they leave to signal their fellow ants to food. That is why a few small ants can soon turn into a large army of marching pests.

Carpenter Ants – Depending on their species, carpenter ants range in color from black, dark brown, light brown, red, yellow or orange. They also come in a variety of sizes from 3.5 to 13 mm in length. The best way to recognize carpenter ants is to see where they are building their nests. These ants love to dwell in dead trees, stumps or rotting wood. This includes any wood that has been exposed to moisture where they can easily create tunnels and deposit wood debris outside the nest. If you do see small piles of damp or damaged wood outside your home or office building, it may be a sign of a carpenter ant infestation.

Fire Ants – Fire ants are very easy to recognize with their reddish color and small body size of only 1.6 to 5 mm. Known for their venomous sting, fire ants are nasty pests to have on your property. These aggressive ants create dome-shaped mounds in sunny and warm locations like open fields or large yards. In addition, fire ant mounds can get as big as 61 cm around and 18 cm high with some colonies growing to 250,000 workers.

Fire ants will eat almost anything including insects, worms, spiders, ticks, dead animals or fruit. Each colony has one queen that can live up to six years while most of the worker ants only live for six months. If you disturb one of their mounds, the worker ants will move their queen deep within the tunnels to protect her.

Take Back Your Property

Whether you have Argentine ants, carpenter ants or fire ants in or around your property, it is time to fight back. Contact Bug Out today so our pest control team can create a customized solution for all your ant control needs.