Don’t Let Bed Bugs Suck the Life Out of Your Summer Travel

Bed bugs only measure about 0.18 inches, but they manage to wreak a lot of havoc. Records of bed bug infestations go back to ancient Greece. They’ve always been considered a menace due to their resiliency and tendency to cause painful, itching lesions after sucking human blood.

Most people associate them with slums or third-world countries, but a nice hotel can become infested with bed bugs just as easily as a cheap one. The only difference is that most nice hotels do their best to utilize proper pest control. That said, bed bugs can travel quickly, and if they arrive in your room via a guest a few days prior, the hotel’s workers will likely not notice the problem until it’s too late. It’s worth it to take the extra time to inspect your room.

Inspecting a Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

1. Put Your Luggage in the Bathroom

Bed bugs can move quickly, so before you begin checking the room, put your spare items in the bathroom. The nasty little critters don’t tend to hang out in that area, which means your things will stay safe during the inspection.

2. Strip the Bedding

There’s nothing like a nicely made bed, but you’re going to have to tear it apart if you want to make sure it’s free of bed bugs. Check the mattress for blood stains or small droppings that appear like black pepper. The bugs themselves often remain hidden, but you might see a stray hanging out near the corners or along the seams.

You’ll also want to check the upholstery on the nearby furniture in a similar manner. Examine the carpet, the closets, the drawers and beneath all appliances.

3. Demand to Move

If you’ve found bed bugs in your room, they are likely in other parts of the hotel as well. You might decide it’s best to change hotels. If you can’t, ask for a room that’s at least two floors away.

4. Clean Them Off

When you get home from your vacation, be careful about unpacking your clothing inside. It’s best to unload everything directly into the washer and clean with very hot water and a strong detergent before you bring it all in.

If you do your best to follow these tips and still end up with bed bugs in your home after a vacation, please contact the experts at Bug Out using this simple online form. We service the greater areas of Jacksonville, Florida and southeast Georgia, and we’re ready to destroy the nasty critters before they can take a bite out of you.