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Lumnia LED Fly Trap for Commercial Fly Control

Serving Charlotte | Raleigh - Durham | Greensboro

A Milwaukee based fly control experts installs a Lumnia electronic UV fly trap in a Wisconsin restaurant kitchen Dealing with flies is hardly a productive use of time, especially in the corporate world where they are more than just a minor annoyance. These pests not only disrupt operations but also present serious health risks, with even a minor fly problem capable of rapidly escalating into a major infestation within weeks. Traditional methods of fly control, such as sticky traps and chemical sprays, have long been the go-to solutions for combating fly infestations. However, these methods often come with drawbacks, including the use of harmful chemicals and the inconvenience of replacing traps regularly. In recent years, there has been a growing call for alternatives that are both sustainable and efficient. As a result, many businesses are now choosing the Lumnia LED Light Fly Trap as a proactive solution.  The Lumnia LED fly trap heralds the advancement in UV fly management, offering an effective means to monitor and eliminate airborne pests. Explore the advantages of Lumnia Fly Lights for your business by reaching out to commercial pest control experts.

Features & Benefits

Effective solution at a lower cost – Crafted for optimal fly attraction and energy efficiency, these cutting-edge LED lamps outshine the competition. The Lumnia insect light trap delivers an impressive 79% decrease in energy consumption compared to alternative options, ensuring economical and effective pest control solutions.¹
Unbeatable attraction and capture rate – Lumnia is proven best in class, with up to 46% faster catch rate than equivalent LED insect light traps on the market.²
Environmentally friendly – Energy-saving modes adapt to the day-night cycle, reducing consumption and contributing to a lower environmental footprint. The low-energy LED lamps have a four-year life span and last 33% longer than competing LED traps on the market.³
Encapsulation module – The encapsulation module upholds hygiene standards by employing a secure cassette housing sticky film, ensuring the trapping and isolation of insects to eliminate any risk of secondary contamination from insect residues.
No toxic chemicals – Lumnia prioritizes safety and wellness by abstaining from the use of mercury or any other chemicals, fostering a safer environment for all.
Discreet design – The Lumnia system remains discreetly concealed from the customer’s sight, with LEDs engineered to emit minimal glare and obscure the presence of trapped flies. Additionally, units seamlessly transition between Monitor and Control modes to accommodate varying customer and location needs.
Expansive coverage – With a coverage area exceeding that of any competitor fluorescent insect light trap currently available, spanning up to 2,690 square feet, both you and your customers can relax knowing there’s no need for concern.⁴
Reduced carbon footprint – Lumnia reduces carbon emissions to a level comparable to the emissions from charging a cell phone daily for 73 years.⁵

How the Lumnia LED Fly Trap Works

The Lumnia LED Fly Trap boasts a range of innovative features that set it apart from traditional fly control methods. At the heart of this device is its advanced LED technology, which emits a specific wavelength of light that attracts flies while remaining inconspicuous to humans. Lumnia’s LEDs emit a light wavelength that surpasses traditional fluorescent tubes by 40%, making Lumnia more appealing to flies across a broader spectrum compared to other electronic fly traps. 

Lumnia offers three power levels – low, medium, and high – enabling energy conservation when maximum power is not required. Additionally, each power level features an adaptive mode that detects ambient light levels and automatically reduces power if illumination diminishes, such as during nighttime. This focused approach guarantees optimal fly trapping efficiency without disturbing the ambiance of commercial environments.

Furthermore, the Lumnia LED Fly Trap utilizes a unique glue board system to capture trapped flies discreetly and hygienically. Unlike traditional fly traps that rely on toxic chemicals or messy adhesives, Lumnia’s glue boards are non-toxic and easy to replace, making maintenance a breeze for businesses of all sizes.

Meet the Lumnia Product Line

Within the Lumnia product line, there are four distinct models, each specifically engineered to meet the needs of diverse settings, ranging from front-of-house to back-of-house locations: 

  • The Lumnia Slim: Includes a single LED bulb, making it an ideal choice for front-of-house areas.
  • The Lumnia Compact: Equipped with a single LED bulb, is ideal for front-of-house spaces.
  • The Lumnia Standard: Boasting two LED bulbs, is flexible enough to accommodate businesses of any size.
  • The Lumnia Ultimate: Features three LED bulbs and is custom-built for high-demand settings, ensuring compliance with rigorous food safety regulations and third-party audits.

Meet the Lumnia range

Whether you have a high-traffic area or a sensitive environment that calls for round-the-clock vigilance against flies, there’s a Lumnia that’s right for your business.
Lumnia Slim
Lumnia Slim
Lumnia Compact
Lumnia Compact
Lumnia Standard
Lumnia Standard
Lumnia Ultimate
Lumnia Ultimate
Lumnia Slim 
Lumnia Compact 
Lumnia Standard 
Lumnia Ultimate 
Model Number  305027 300605 304807 300602
# of Lamps  1 1 2 3
Total Watts  10 11 22 33
Max Power Consumption  12W 12W 27W 30W
Voltage Range 100-240 Volt 100-240 Volt 100-240 Volt  100-240 Volt
Approval UL Approved UL Approved UL Approved UL Approved
Lamp Life 3 Years 3 Years  3 Years 3 Years
Energy Savings Up to 67% Up to 78% Up to 77% Up to 79%
Color Options Black and White Standard Silver, Champagne, Black, Blue, and Red Silver Silver
Glueboard or Encapsulated Glueboard unit Glueboard unit Both Both

Lumnia Targets the Following Pests:

Comprehensive Fly Control with Lumnia and Batzner Pest Control

The Lumnia LED fly trap provides versatile solutions tailored to address a diverse array of commercial pest control needs, spanning from bustling public spaces like waiting areas and hotel lobbies to critical environments such as food processing facilities, commercial real estate management, and healthcare settings. With Lumnia, businesses can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the threat of contamination posed by flying insects is minimized, thanks to its reliable and extended protection. 

Contact Bug Out to schedule your complimentary inspection and experience the transformative impact of Lumnia in safeguarding your enterprise.

¹Findings based on comparison study conducted by Rentokil Initial in 2019 between Lumnia models (on Low Power Mode setting) and various fluorescent bulb insect light traps.

²Findings based on a controlled laboratory catch rate study conducted by Rentokil Initial in 2023 using the Lumnia Standard versus five competitor models.

³Four-year lamp life based on manufacturer testing of Lumnia LED lamps; lifespan percentage based on available competitor claims as of October 2023.

⁴Findings based on study conducted by Rentokil Initial in 2023 comparing max coverage area using Lumnia Standard model in a dark room versus the claimed max coverage area of competitor fluorescent bulb insect light trap units.

⁵Findings based on calculations of Lumnia Compact vs average competitor units using traditional fluorescent tubes over a 5-year period based on product life cycle using the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

Lumnia LED Fly Trap for Commercial Fly Control Serving Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, and Durham

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