Gray Squirrels


Don’t be deceived by a gray squirrel’s adorable appearance. This cute animal can cause a great deal of mischief. Find out why gray squirrels tend to be such a big problem for local homeowners.

Costly Property Damage

You certainly don’t want gray squirrels to take refuge in your home. For good reason, these animals love to break into attics. Not only does your attic provide year-round shelter, but it also gives squirrels easy access to trees. Don’t be surprised if your home sustains a lot of damage. From shredded insulation to chewed wood, the amount of destruction will gradually begin to take its toll. Even worse, squirrels can create a fire hazard by gnawing through electrical wires.

Unsanitary Conditions

While living in your attic, gray squirrels will cause the entire area to become unsanitary. The smell of urine and feces can linger in the air for days at a time. It is the perfect environment for certain pathogens to spread. Furthermore, cockroaches and other problematic pests are often lured by the growth of mold and mildew. You also have to worry about a squirrel actually dying. The putrid odor will cause everyone to turn their nose.

Difficult to Remove

Once they get inside your home, gray squirrels will not want to leave quietly. You can expect to have a truly uphill battle on your hands. In an effort to get rid of squirrels, some people use deterrents such as ammonia and fox urine. Unfortunately, these home remedies typically have a very low success rate. The riskiest approach is attempting to forcibly remove squirrels from your attic. Although gray squirrels are not viewed as dangerous creatures, they will fight back when cornered. A serious bite may require a trip to the emergency room. This is a task that should only be performed by a trained professional.

Call the Pros

When dealing with gray squirrels on your property, your best bet is to call a professional who has a lot of experience. Aside from pest control, Bug Out specializes in wildlife removal. Our experts promise to take care of your squirrel problem.

Be sure to always contact Bug Out for all of your pest control needs!