Have a Pest Free Holiday

As winter approaches, people begin decorating and celebrating holidays with family and friends. Few individuals want to incorporate pests into the festivities. Unfortunately, as the outdoor temperatures cool, many creatures search for food and warmth inside of your home. Here are the most common pests in Atlanta during the winter months and signs of infestations.

Common Winter Pests in Atlanta

Rodents. When winter hits, mice and rats scamper for food. They enter your home through tiny holes near pipes, electrical outlets, or foundation cracks. When they get inside, many nest and invade your space. As they look for food, they leave bacteria behind, which can make you and your loved ones sick.

Squirrels and Raccoons. Squirrels are most likely to enter your attic or basement, and raccoons find shelter under your deck or inside of your garage. Dangers occur as this wildlife begins chewing on items around your home, including your wires. When this occurs, a fire may result.

Cluster Flies. Although cluster flies are inactive in winter, they enter your home and hide in walls or attics. They reproduce quickly and cause a widespread infestation in little time.

Sign of Infestations

When you have a rodent problem, you may hear squeaking or scampering in your walls or ceilings. Also, you may notice droppings near your kitchen cupboards or pantry. If you see shredded paper, fabrics, or other soft materials gathered in hidden locations, this may indicate nesting as well.

There are signs of a squirrel infestation that must be investigated. For example, you may hear fighting noises in your walls or chimney. Also, you may notice damage to your attic insulation. Droppings may be scattered throughout your home as well. Raccoons may leave behind scraps of old food or garbage. Also, you may notice that pieces of wood or plastic have been chewed.

Reasons to Contact a Professional Pest Control Company

When you suspect that pests may interrupt your holidays, it is wise to contact a professional pest control company. These experts are specially trained to identify problems and to uncover the most effective solutions. Although you may attempt DIY treatments, you will probably spend a great deal of time and money unsuccessfully batting the issues.

At Bug Out, we want you to have an enjoyable holiday season that is free of pests. We use chemicals sparingly and take the most natural approaches to critter management. A valuable part of our staff is a Wildlife Biologist who has the training and knowledge necessary to safely remove animals from your home. Our entire team understands all of the regulations associated with pest control and uses cruelty free methods to eliminate your issues. Also, we help to clean your property so that diseases and bacteria are not spread further. For quality service in the Atlanta area, call Bug Out.