How to Keep Summer Grilling Mosquito Free

Summer Grilling Mosquito Free

The joys of summer bring memories of splashing in the pool, lounging in the sun and grilling out with friends and family. With longer days and warmer weather, most people find time to enjoy the outdoors during summertime. However, summer also means annoying mosquitoes and pesky bugs trying to get in on the fun. Fortunately, there are effective ways to control mosquitoes from ruining your summer.

Different Types of Mosquitos

In Cumming, Alpharetta, Roswell and the surrounding areas, the most common mosquito species include the Southern House Mosquito and the Asian Tiger Mosquito.

  • Southern House Mosquito – These mosquitoes are very active at dusk and can fly up to half of a mile. In addition, this species is known to carry the West Nile Virus. While most healthy people can fight off an infection of the West Nile Virus, small children and elderly family members may find it difficult to fight off this disease.
  • Asian Tiger Mosquito – These mosquitoes usually remain within 500 yards of their breeding grounds and are very active during the day. The Asian Tiger mosquito has also been found to carry the West Nile Virus.
  • Aedes Aegypti Mosquito – Recently, the Aedes aegypti mosquito has been getting a lot of attention for potentially carrying the Zika virus. They can also carry yellow fever which is known to transmit the chikungunya and dengue viruses.

Other Summer Pests

While mosquitoes are bad enough, there are plenty of other summer pests that can ruin a perfect day outdoors.

  • Bees and wasps – No one wants to be stung by a bee or wasp while having a good time outside. However, if you have a family member or friend who is allergic to bee stings, the situation could become serious quickly.
  • Ants – Ants are another nuisance at any picnic or party. If you have fire ants on your property though, they can be highly aggressive and bite their victims incessantly.
  • Ticks – Usually found in tall grass or brushy areas, ticks wait for their unsuspecting victims before biting them to enjoy a bloody meal.

How to Enjoy Summer Grilling Pest-Free

Even though mosquitoes and other summer pests can be a nuisance, you can take precautions to protect your family, friends and pets. Choosing a quality pest control service for mosquito reduction and overall pest control can significantly curtail any pest problem around your property. For exceptional pest control service in the greater Atlanta area, contacting Bug Out today is the easiest way how to keep summer grilling mosquito Free.