Keep Your Home Roach Free All Summer Long

CockroachThe sight of a roach probably disgusts and angers you, but it can alert you to a problem that needs correction. Often appearing only at night, cockroaches can make their presence in your home difficult to detect. Their survival skills may astound you, but we can completely eradicate them from your home.

Understanding the Challenge

Roaches seek the same creature comforts that you enjoy, and their search for shelter, food and water can create an infestation in your home. They eat any organic substance, but bread crumbs in your toaster oven provide a source of food that attracts them. Research by University of Florida entomologists reverses the idea that roaches cannot smell. Studies show that they can detect aromas with their antennae. Their ability to mark a trail leading to food and water sources enables a colony to survive and flourish.

Considering Differences between American and Smokey Brown Roaches

Calling the American cockroach a “palmetto bug” does not make it any less noxious. A common pest that has a light yellow accent on a reddish-brown body, its size distinguishes it from the smaller smoky brown roach. Both species fly, and they can create fear when their erratic flight brings them close to you. The habitat of the American roach includes the entire United States, but the smoky brown prefers southern areas.

Discovering Hiding Places

You may find smoky brown roaches in attics, gutters and crawl spaces where they seek moisture to avoid dehydration. American cockroaches prefer damp areas too, and they hide in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements, drains and sewers. Both species may enter your home through open doors or windows, but the smoky brown roach tends to use shrubs and trees as conveyances.

Understanding the Damage

Contaminating your food makes American roaches a potential threat to your family’s health. The bacteria and viruses that they carry can result in dysentery, food poisoning and diarrhea. They carry disease-causing organisms on their legs and deposit them on food and utensils. The allergens that the American roach emits can cause asthma, nasal congestion, watery eyes and skin rashes.

Smoky brown roaches eat decaying organic material and can transmit disease. Their preference for plant matter does not prevent them from eating the same food that appeals to the American roach. Decaying leaves in your gutters and gardens create a popular source of food. They may damage your decorative flower beds and destroy your vegetable garden.

Choosing Effective Pest Control

Aside from the health threats to your family and damage to your landscape plants, roaches create the potential for embarrassing situations when friends come to visit. Contact Bug Out for all of your roach control needs.