How to Make Sure Your Home is Pest Free

Humans and pests have something in common: They both hate being caught in the cold during the winter. Even in Southeast Georgia and North Florida, nighttime temperatures can dip lower than average and cause uncomfortable conditions for everyone and everything around. No matter how chilly it may get this winter season, Bug Out is here to keep invasive pests out of your home.

Pest Infestations Occur Even in the Winter

Some pests die off in the winter while others do something called overwintering. This process occurs right around fall as the temperatures start to decline. You may notice more pests like stinkbugs clinging to your windows and trying to find a way inside. Overwintering pests usually crawl into tiny spaces or make their way indoors to survive until the spring weather returns.


Look for stinkbugs in the crevices around doors and windows, including the spaces in between siding. If they get inside, they will hide in boxes, plant containers and other spaces out of sight.

Crazy Ants

Crazy ants get their name from their unpredictable movement along the ground. They also build nests inside heating units and around the electrical components of appliances, which differs from common ants that build colonies in the ground. Look for crazy ants around the electronics in your home, usually inside window units, floorboard furnaces and other appliances.

Beetles and Bugs

Everything from common beetles to ladybugs and the boxelder bug overwinter inside homes. They get inside through the gaps around doors and windows, including the vents in attics and basements. They hide in clothing, storage boxes and other places where it’s easy to remain hidden from view.


Termites don’t let the winter slow them down; they remain active even during the cold months. When it turns cold outside, termites such as the subterranean species dig further into the ground while other species burrow further into homes. They do this to escape the cold and to continue building and establishing their colonies.

Preventative Maintenance for a Pest-Free Winter

If you see one or two bugs in your home during the winter, chances are that you’ll see an even bigger infestation once spring arrives. When overwintering bugs have your home in their sights, contact Bug Out for a free full property evaluation. We can identify pest entrances, eliminate an existing infestation and take preventative measures to keep pests out of your home this winter.