Make the New Year pest-free with These Good Habits

Insects and other pests come equipped with a very useful set of tools that enable them to survive in a very precarious world. Insect antenna are highly sophisticated tools. Antenna are capable of picking up a single molecule of pheromone in an air sample that contains a million molecules of air. That is a pretty powerful detection tool. They use their antenna to pick up chemical trails for food, to detect water, and to find mates. When you understand how insects find food and water, you can work to reduce the likelihood of attracting them. These good habits help keep your home or business free of pests.

Good Habits To Form For A Pest-Free Year


Keep the kitchen clean. Any little bit of food, however small it may be, becomes a huge attractant for insects and rodents.

  • Wash dishes every time you eat
  • Take out trash immediately
  • Sweep the kitchen floor multiple times per day
  • Clean under refrigerator and stove regularly
  • Flush garbage disposal regularly

Little bits of food that you do not notice turn into beacons for insects. Removing those beacons helps keep your home off of the radar of hungry pests.


Where you eat is also a likely place to find food items that insects and other pests will love. Help keep those areas as clean as possible by forming these good habits.

  • Get a small vacuum or Swiffer to get crumbs up right away
  • Check the sofa and under the cushions for stray food items
  • Check the seats of chairs in the dining room often
  • Remove condiments, such as sugar, from the table


  • Feed pets on a schedule and remove extra food after each meal
  • Store pet food in the freezer or an airtight container

Wash out your pets water dish daily and monitor it for signs of pests. Pests need water and in some environments, pet water is an oasis.


Clean/re-organize garage, so there are less potential habitats for rodents. Pests thrive in areas where they have good shelter from predators.

  • Keep your yard neat. Rake up leaves and yard refuse and dispose of it quickly
  • Keep garbage and yard waste containers away from your home. These bins attract pests
  • Check for outdoor standing water, which is a haven for breeding mosquitoes
  • Clean up pet feces as soon as you notice it
  • Store firewood away from home

These chores help keep your yard and home pest free. Working towards creating an environment that offers pests the least amount of reward for the risk works to keep pest away. A good tip for getting into the routine of forming new habits is to make it a team project. Sure, there might be groaning at first, but living without pest is an excellent reward.

If you currently have a pest control problem, then call Bug Out today. Once our professionals have mitigated your pest problem, you can work to keep the creepy crawlers away with these good habits. Remember that it only takes a few crumbs to attract a single ant. Once that ant has found food, it will release a pheromone to attract all of its relatives. A little bit of effort can keep your home pest-free.