New Year’s Resolution: Keep your home Pest free

The team at Bug Out in FL, GA & NC knows you have more than pest prevention on your mind. But of all the ways you can improve your life in the new year, keeping your loved ones safe and healthy could be the most important. Professional pest prevention treatments help keep your home free of disease-carrying bugs and provide a sense of comfort. These five easy steps can also make your home less attractive to insects and spiders in 2017 and beyond.

  • Eliminate pet waste
  • Seal your trash
  • Go clutter-free
  • Store all food
  • Prevent standing water

Clean up any pet waste in your yard. Besides creating a landmine-like hazard for household members, it attracts rodents, cockroaches and flies.

Store trash bags in lockable, sealed garbage cans. You’ll make it harder for raccoons and other animals to get into your trash and spread it around. Scented garbage bags designed to repel rodents and bugs are available for even greater protection.

Keep clutter at bay both inside and outside your home. Spiders, including the potentially dangerous brown recluse, love hiding in piles of wood or debris and other dark, enclosed places.

Mosquitoes love standing water, and it can even carry infectious diseases. Prevent stagnant water from becoming mosquitoes’ favorite hangout by ensuring that no tires, buckets or other vessels clutter outdoor living areas.

Food is an obvious drawing card. Meals, snacks, desserts and beverages appeal to pests as much as they do to humans. Always store food in airtight containers or the refrigerator immediately after eating. Remind everyone in the household to clean up spills and other kitchen messes as soon as they happen.

Professional Pest Control

Everyday measures go a long way towards pest prevention. If you still find spiders, ants, cockroaches, termites and other pests making themselves at home in your home, get professional help. Thorough training, professional equipment and years of experience equip our technicians to make your house, condo or apartment truly pest-free.

Our team targets strategic areas inside during the first visit to eliminate any existing infestations. Any follow-up treatments are generally performed outside to stop termites, spiders, ants, roaches, rodents and other critters from entering your home. We’re familiar with pests’ favorite hideouts and entry points, giving us a serious advantage over the creepy crawlers threatening to take over your house.

Resolve to keep your home free of infestations in the 2017 New Year by following our five simple pest-prevention tips. Follow up your new routine with a call to Bug Out in Jacksonville, FL, to keep your home pest-free all year round.