New Years Resolution: Keep your home Pest free

Keep your home Pest free

With the end of the year approaching fast, are you contemplating various New Year’s resolutions? Don’t forget to put keeping your home free of pests on the list of possibilities. It’s a great way to protect the comfort, safety and health of your family.

What Attracts Pests?

What lures pests into human homes? The exact answer depends on the pest, but it often comes down to food or shelter. Consider these examples:

  • Bed bugs infest human homes because of the availability of food. They feed on human blood.
  • Fleas also dine on blood, and they make every effort to be where people and animals are so that they have a ready food source.
  • Termites invade human homes in search of food, but they prefer to munch on cellulose, an organic fiber in wood and wood products. Their appetite can cause a lot of destruction.
  • Ants make their way into human homes to find water and food, and they’re quite happy to enjoy the same sweets and starches that people consume. While many ants will forage inside and live outside, certain species will actually nest inside the home, gaining shelter as well.
  • Rodents enjoy warmth, a comfy shelter, and easy access to food and water, so it’s no wonder that mice, rats and other rodents are delighted to move into a human home.

Tips for a Pest-Free Home

Pests can carry diseases, damage property and make your life uncomfortable, so keeping them out should be a priority. How can you prevent pests from settling in your home? One of the best strategies involves thwarting their attempts to gain entry. Make it a point to seal any obvious gaps in your home’s building envelope. Check regularly to ensure that your defenses are holding. Many pests can use even tiny holes to get inside, and larger animals like rodents and squirrels will enlarge smaller openings until they can fit through them. It is also helpful to evaluate the drainage around your home and address any water damage promptly since many pests are attracted to dampness and moisture.

A Professional Touch

If you’re concerned that pests have invaded your home, it is generally wise to call in the professionals. If you ignore the problem, the infestation will become more entrenched. Since many do-it-yourself methods are ineffective, trying to handle the issue yourself is often a waste of time and money. Pest control professionals have the training and expertise to correctly identify the pest that is plaguing your home and develop an effective treatment plan that is safe for your family.

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