Pest Control

Pest Control

Our landscape and climate provide a perfect location for insects to thrive. Keeping unwanted pests out of your home is essential to ensuring comfort and safety for your entire family. Ants, roaches, spiders and other pests can invade your home and can present real threats to your health and your enjoyment of your indoor and outdoor living spaces. The most effective way to protect your home from unwanted pests is a comprehensive pest prevention program by Bug Out.

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Environmentally Responsible and Effective Pest Control Solutions

At Bug Out, we practice integrated pest management to help manage annoying pest problems quickly and effectively. Working together with you, we can eliminate current infestations and help prevent the likelihood of return infestations. Our pest prevention program will effectively control pests with minimal environmental impact and less risk to your family and pets. We focus our control efforts intensively on where the bugs come from—the outside of your home. We want to stop pests outside before they enter your home!

How Our Pest Prevention Program Works:

Bug Out will work with you to ensure that insects and other harmful pests are managed effectively. We offer year-round protection against ants, spiders, cockroaches and many other bugs, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of pest-free living during every season of the year. Every service begins with a thorough inspection of your home and property to identify any possible pest issues. It is important that you communicate any and all pest-related concerns better ensure the effectiveness of our treatment program.


  • Complete interior treatment, including attic and crawl space, targeting windows, doorways, under appliances and plumbing lines
  • Area treatment of carpets, furniture and floors for fleas, as needed
  • Strategic placement of baits on the interior, as needed
  • Spider web removal in the garage, basement and the exterior perimeter (webs within reach)
  • Regular service activities listed


  • Spider web removal around accessible eaves on the exterior (webs within reach)
  • Complete exterior treatment targeting the foundation, all windows, doors, gutters and gutter downspouts, soffits, plumbing and HVAC system lines, flower beds, edges of walkways and driveways and underneath the bottom rung of siding
  • Strategic placement of baits and products around the perimeter, mulch beds and landscaped areas adjacent to the foundation

We only apply products on the interior of your home on the initial visit and as needed on future visits.

At Bug Out, we are confident that our innovative pest control approach will provide you with the most comfortable and healthful environment inside your home. If pests make a comeback between our scheduled treatment visits, we will return to your home at no additional cost to ensure that these unwanted guests are eliminated immediately.

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