Prepare Your Home for Pests This Fall

Pests from the great outdoors love to creep into your home all year round. Still, the distant promise of chilliness that chimes during the deepening days of September and October seems to rouse small visitors into extra vigor. If you don’t want your home to be a hotel for the unwanted, then taking precautions against the most common fall pests is a good idea.

Mice Aren’t That Nice

Admittedly, mice aren’t nearly as threatening as giant wharf rats or deadly spiders from Australia. They don’t glare at you from the shadows with red eyes or chitter indecipherable threats in the dead of night. Still, in their soft, almost silent way, they can cause great damage over time to your house.

Like all rodents, mice must chew incessantly to wear down their ever-growing teeth. For some reason, mice love chewing on insulated electrical wires. Exposed wiring can cause serious house fires. In addition, mice scuttle nightly across surfaces that you might expect to be clean, such as kitchen counters and play areas for children. They burrow into unprotected food stores, ruining them for human consumption. Mice also can transmit serious diseases such as hantavirus and rickettsialpox through their droppings and urine.

Mice historically have been a significant nuisance for farmers, households and businesses that handle foodstuffs. These small rodents have their place in nature but not in your home. They tend to hide in untended closets, under neglected piles of soft material such as clothing, inside residential crawl spaces, behind drywall panels and in virtually any other secluded spot that offers access to escape routes and food.

Their small size and ability to squeeze into astonishingly tight spaces make them difficult to eradicate without special tools and methods. You can reduce the extent of the problem by clearing away ground clutter in closets and storage sheds, keeping food stored in airtight, mouse-proof containers and sealing up building cracks likely to be used by mice for traveling to all parts of your house.

Buzzing, Swarming Flies

House flies are annoying enough any time of the year, but the advent of cooler weather tends to drive them into sheltering inside warm houses. Cleaning up filth and leftover food particles, covering trash receptacles and maintaining the integrity of window screens will help deter house flies from upsetting your serenity.

Fat, lazy cluster flies may not transmit diseases or cause much damage beyond tiny droppings, but they’re nonetheless unwelcome. They lurk inside walls, attics, basements and windowsills. Sealing up cracks around windows and doorways and repairing faulty screens will help prevent these disgusting insects from using your home as a free winter shelter.

Carpenter Ants and Odorous House Ants

Inadvertently crushing odorous house ants underfoot is unpleasant enough, but carpenter ants can stealthily eat away at your house’s wooden structural elements. It can be difficult to track down and destroy multiple small nests, which is why many homeowners prefer to rely on commercial companies to eradicate ant infestations. Caulking external openings into your residence and keeping riotous underbrush and stray tree limbs cleared away from direct contact with your home’s external walls will help prevent odorous house ants and carpenter ants from gaining entry to start colonies.

Professional Pest Removal

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