Prepare Your Home for Pests This Fall

Fall Pest Preparation

When the seasons change, so do the habits of the region’s pests. The cooler weather inspires rodents and insects to move indoors. To keep them from moving in with you, be sure to prepare your home before fall arrives. Preparation tips range from sealing cracks and crevices that allow pests entry into your home to storing food properly. For comprehensive preparation, hire a professional pest control company to inspect your residence.

Steps You Can Take

Any tiny nook or cranny in your home can be invaded by critters. Common fall pests include mice, flies, spiders and even wasps. These creatures can enter your home through cracks in your foundation as well as within gaps that develop around your doors and windows. Inspect these areas of your home. If you come across small to midsize openings, seal them with caulk. For large cracks or considerable holes, use steel wool. If you have a fireplace, screen the vents. You should do the same for your dryer.

Food Storage Tips

When chillier weather arrives, pests begin seeking warm digs and food. To dissuade them from dining at your table, be sure to store food products like flour, sugar and rice in airtight containers. If you have furry family members, take this same step for pet food. Also, invest in covered trashcans to avoid attracting pests to your residence.

Taking Preventative Measures

Consider hiring a professional pest control company to inspect your residence for common pest entry points as well as for exterior debris that will make a good home for them. An expert will complete a thorough inspection. He or she can also seal up holes and cracks. At Bug Out, we have the experience and equipment to help you with all of your pest control needs.

Rodent Awareness Week

Rodent Awareness Week is the time of year when professional pest control companies raise consumer awareness about the risk factors that make their home a target for rodents. According to research, approximately one third of Americans have experienced a problem with rodents infesting their homes. By designating a week to inform the public about the ways that rodents commonly enter homes and the risks that they bring with them once they move in, the industry is working to keep people safe from these types of pests.

Things That Attract Rodents

Access to water, food and a warm place to sleep attracts rodents. If your home has leaky pipes or clogged drains, these issues provide water for pests, so it may inspire them to move in with you. Uncovered food and access to it through cracks or crevices may also bring uninvited guests to your residence.

Where Are They Hiding?

For comfort and survival, rodents begin searching for warmer accommodations when cooler temperatures arrive. Rodents like to hide in your basement, woodpiles and attic. They’ll also make a space for themselves in your home’s insulation, closets and within the interiors of your walls. Any undisturbed area of your home is a tempting place for them to hide.

Calling the Experts

When it comes to pest elimination, it’s best to call in the experts. Our techs have experience detecting infestations. They can also identify the type of pest that is infesting your home. At Bug Out, we have the training and latest technology to resolve all of your pest control needs.