Protect Your Home From Termites and Increase Property Value


When you first get ready to buy a home, the prudent thing to do is arrange for inspections by trusted, knowledgeable professionals to check whether everything is in tip-top shape or if some repairs or upgrades are needed.

After taking care of this task, you move in and maintain the home on an as-needed basis. From periodic exterior paint jobs to keep up appearances, to regular inspections of the roof, heating and air conditioning systems, you stay on top of all aspects of the home that require maintenance and upkeep. But what some homeowners in the greater Northeast Florida area sometimes forget about is the importance of keeping termites at bay.

Termites can invade your home without your awareness. You and your family can go about your lives thinking all is well when the swarm comes to your house. Now that termite swarming season is fast approaching (with the mild springtime weather conditions), it becomes more important than ever for people owning homes in Florida to take preventative measures.

Failure to adequately protect your family’s home against termites could deal you a heavy financial blow, as repair costs can quickly accumulate when a home is damaged. It’s best to nip problems in the bud and arrange for a professional pest control company to come to your residence with a preventative termite solution as soon as possible.

Modern Methods for Controlling Termites

Bug Out is proud to be a leader in providing preventative termite solutions for Florida homeowners. At Bug Out, we use both a baiting system and liquid protection: Sentricon with Always Active technology and Altriset Termiticide.  Our double defense offers the best termite protection available and gives homeowners peace of mind.  You can rest easy knowing our service professionals are licensed experts and can help protect your home, keeping the structure safe and preserving the value of the structure.

Protecting Your Home with the Help of Experienced Pest Control Experts

If you’re worried about termites invading your home and destroying the wooden structure, you don’t want to make the mistake of going with an inexperienced pest control firm with little knowledge of the latest methods of termite prevention.

Your valuable investment is on the line and this is no time to cut corners to save a little money now. Like many other homeowners in Florida, you will soon see the benefits of hiring the most knowledgeable technicians, such as those at Bug Out. Because the arrival of spring also signals the period when termites begin their swarming season, you won’t want to delay in bringing qualified pest control experts to your home.

The professionals at family-owned Bug Out have been helping people protect their homes against termites for more than 50 years. For more information on our preventative termite solutions or to set up an appointment with a member of our friendly team, please contact Bug Out today.