Bat Removal

Georgia is known for its lush green spaces that are attractive to people as well as to many types of wildlife. Even in the highly developed city of Atlanta, one can still find a number of rabbits, deer, opossums and even coyotes scampering about. While play time between birds and squirrels are fun to watch, discovering that you have a bat infestation is definitely not. Bats often invade human living spaces and set up nests to breed. They become a real nuisance when the smell of their accumulated droppings and urine permeate your home. While your friends’ sage advice to “move out of the bat cave” worked when you were a renter, it’s time for a more sophisticated solution now that you’re a homeowner.

Types of Bats in Atlanta

Bats enjoy setting up house in geographic areas that have temperate to very warm climates and adequate food supplies of insects. This puts Atlanta on the top of their bucket-list. According to wildlife experts, there are over a thousand species of bats on earth, and 16 varieties can show up in Atlanta. The Big Brown Bat, Eastern Pipistrelle, Evening Bat and Little Brown Bat are the most common types of bats in the Atlanta area. The Big Brown Bat can reach an adult size of 5 inches and have a wing span of 14 inches. Adult Little Brown Bat varieties grow to about 3.5 inches and have wing spans of nearly 10 inches. These bats can be found breeding or hibernating in attics, basements, barns and other structures.

Dangers of Bat Infestation

Although most bats do not carry rabies, they can receive and transmit the disease through bites. The most prominent risk of having a bat infestation in your home is the development of respiratory illnesses that are associated with the bats’ urine and droppings. This situation can become especially problematic if droppings accumulate in your home’s ventilation system. Histoplasmosis is a common lung disease that is caused by fungal organisms that are found in bat feces. In extreme cases, the moisture from bat urine and droppings can also cause structural damage to your home’s building materials.

Why Get Professional Help for Bat Removal

While obviously you do not want to share your home with bats, the mammals are quite beneficial to the natural environment in Atlanta. The city, which is known for its abundance of mosquitoes and Palmetto bugs during warm summer months, utilizes bats as its natural pest control. According to biologists at the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Georgia’s bat population is dying off rapidly. This is one reason why bats are protected against extermination under the law in Georgia. Hiring professional pest control agents allow you to get rid of your bat problem safely, humanely and legally.

Professional Bat Removal Methods

Professional bat removal often involves a thorough inspection of your living space to determine if bats are hibernating or breeding within your home. If your home is a breeding site, the bat nests can be carefully removed, and the site sanitized. Professional pest control agents close up small holes and crevices so that bats cannot gain entrance into your home anymore. They also set up special screens that allow remaining bats to leave the space but not return.

Final Thoughts

The signs that you have a bat infestation can be subtle or very obvious. Hearing strange scratching sounds coming from your home’s walls or ceilings is a good indication that you have bat troubles. Bats are protected by law meaning we cannot remove them from an attic space if babies are present after April 5th so, don’t hesitate to call Bug Out for all of your pest control needs.