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North Carolina is home to hundreds of spider species, although only a few are venomous. Although most spiders are harmless and live outdoors, many people cannot bear the thought of them. While they do not spread disease and are actually considered beneficial in keeping other insect populations down, spiders are considered a nuisance pest in homes and businesses. After all, no one wants to deal with numerous spider webs in every corner of their home.

At Bug Out, we understand why spiders are so feared. Our spider exterminators will work hard to keep them out of your property year-round.

Spider Pest Control Services

When you are dealing with spiders in your home, it’s best to enlist the help of a professional spider exterminator. Although most house spiders are harmless, they can become a nuisance when they are neverending. While rare, there are also more dangerous spiders in our region to always be on the lookout for. At Bug Out, we will work hard to make your home less attractive to spiders in the first place, keeping them out for good.

What Are the Signs of a Spider Infestation?

Here are some signs that may indicate a spider infestation:

  1. Visible spiders: The most obvious sign of a spider infestation is the presence of live spiders.

  2. Webs: Different spider species create different types of webs. Look for spider webs in corners, along walls, and in undisturbed areas. Common web types include orb webs, funnel webs, and cobwebs.

  3. Egg sacs: Spiders lay eggs in silk sacs. These sacs can often be found near a spider’s web or in hidden, undisturbed areas.

  4. Dead insects: If there’s a spider infestation, you may notice an increase in dead insects caught in spider webs. Spiders are predators and use their webs to catch prey.

What Attracts Spiders to your Home or Business?

Spiders are attracted to homes and businesses due to the presence of food sources like insects, shelter in cluttered spaces, warmth, moisture, and exterior lighting that attracts insects. They seek shelter in areas that provide protection from the elements and predators. Cluttered spaces, dark corners, and undisturbed areas can serve as ideal hiding spots for spiders. Certain spider species are attracted to areas with higher humidity levels. Leaky pipes, damp basements, or areas with poor ventilation can create an environment that is conducive to spider activity.

Spider Removal for YOUR HOME

Our Spider Extermination Process

Spiders are a normal occurrence out in the garden, but the last thing you want to deal with is spiders taking up residence inside your property. Our climate in the North Carolina area attracts all types of spider species to your property year-round, making it important to enlist the help of the spider experts at Bug Out.

  1. Our technicians will inspect your property to identify the source of the infestation and any contributing factors.
  2. We will apply spider control products and treatments to get rid of any active infestations.
  3. Our experts will implement exclusion efforts to keep spiders from getting inside in the first place.
  4. We will provide ongoing spider control and after-care prevention tips to avoid future infestations.

Commercial Spider Extermination for YOUR BUSINESS

Keeping Spiders Away From Your Commercial Property

Spider infestations in any business can be a nuisance and difficult to put an end to. The presence of spiders and their webs can upset staff and scare away potential customers. Bug Out understands the habits of each spider species and will provide a wide variety of solutions to control spider infestations in your business.

For long-lasting spider control in your North Carolina business, our expert technicians will work with you to keep them away for good.

Bug Out Reviews

Have used this pest control service for several years. Very rarely have an insect problem, but when I do, Bug Out comes immediately and addresses the issue! They have helped with ground wasps, pantry moths, sink flies, pantry moths, field mice, and roaches as needed over several years. As my regular ongoing service, they are also great. Highly recommend.

– Jody H.

Preventing Spider Infestations for the Future

Spider Repellents

Most natural or DIY over the counter spider repellents are usually ineffective for long term spider prevention. The best way to prevent future spider infestations is by eliminating clutter, regularly cleaning and vacuuming, sealing entry points like cracks and gaps and maintaining proper outdoor lighting. Minimize attractive environments for spiders by removing food sources like dead insects, removing wood piles and debris in nearby outdoor spaces, fixing leaks, and addressing moisture issues in and around your home or business.

Effective Spider Control

Most over the counter spiders repellents or insecticides do not provide a long term solution for keeping spiders out of your property. The most effective spider control methods are those used and applied by expert exterminators who fully understand the lifestyles,diets, habitats and dangers of the various spider species found in North Carolina. Our highly trained team at Bug Out use the most effective sprays, repellents and strategies to ensure these eight legged pests stay away for good.


The cost of spider treatment depends on factors like property size and the severity of the infestation – contact us for a free estimate and to book a pest inspection.

Our exterminators follow a systematic approach to eliminate spiders. This includes inspection to identify species and entry points, applying safe effective methods to the specific area, removing webs, and advising on preventive measures. Regular monitoring and follow-ups may be included for effective, long-term spider control.

To permanently get rid of spiders, maintain a clean environment, vacuum regularly, seal entry points and try to reduce nearby insect populations. It’s also important to address any moisture issues, fix leaks, and consider regular professional pest control for a comprehensive, long-term solution.

While DIY spider sprays may offer temporary relief, our professional sprays and spider treatments are more effective and provide longer-lasting results to protect your property from spiders.

Pest Control You Can Trust

At Bug Out, we protect against the disease and damage that can be caused by common pests.

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