Taking a Closer Look at Termites Favorite Foods

termites on wood

Termites can easily drain the bank accounts of homeowners in Jacksonville, FL. That’s because they can do extensive damage before anyone realizes there’s an infestation. As a termite control company offering eco-friendly pest treatments, our experts at Bug Out like to share more about their eating habits.

The termite gets its nutrition from cellulose. Cellulose is found in plants’ cell walls and is used to make paper, wood, and other everyday products. Unfortunately, the termite population doesn’t care if the cellulose it’s after is already in use. These pests seek out their fibrous fix in a variety of environments and conditions, depending on the type of termite.

Florida Termite Types

The following are the four termite varieties found in Jacksonville FL and other parts of the state:

  • Drywood termite
  • Florida dampwood termite
  • Formosan subterranean termite
  • Eastern subterranean termite

These termite varieties have different eating habits, which we’ll explain below.

Types of Termite Diets

The drywood termite is often found in attics. It dines on furniture, beams, posts, decks and other sources of dry wood. The drywood termite avoids soil and, although it doesn’t need much water, gets hydration from the wood it eats.

The dampwood termite eats wet wood, often in the form of rotting tree stumps or other decaying wood. This termite stays near the ground.

While the subterranean termite prefers moist, soft wood, it will eat other woods. This type of termite, as well as the dampwood variety, is usually found in homes where there is a leak of some kind.

Termite Damage and Control

Damage from termites can occur anywhere on your property. Depending on the type of termite, you may need to replace trees, furniture, important papers, and even your home’s structural components. From your favorite books to the posts in your attic, few things are safe when a termite infestation gets underway. Whether you suspect an infestation or you just want to play it safe, an inspection and follow-up termite control services may be in order.

Like other parts of the country, Florida is home to several types of termites. When you want to prevent an infestation, or you’re currently under attack, you need safe and effective termite control. Contact the friendly experts at Bug Out for reliable termite service in or near Jacksonville, FL.