Thanksgiving and Pests

Ants on leafThanksgiving is a great time for getting together with your friends and family over a nice meal. You can catch up with each other, watch television and share stories, but not all Thanksgiving dinners go according to plan. If you are not careful, you might face a range of pests that also want to enjoy your meal, and they can ruin your event. You are likely looking for ways to protect yourself from these pests so you won’t need to worry about them. You will first need to learn about the common pantry pests that you can expect.


When ants need a new source of food, they will look in nearby structures, and your home could be the next target. Although they won’t cause lasting harm, ants can get into your food and contaminate it. If you notice any ants in your home, act fast if you don’t want to run into trouble down the road.


Rats, mice and other rodents won’t pass up the chance to get into your pantry and to enjoy a feast. Unless you spot and respond to the threat promptly, rodents can damage your wires, ruin your food and spread diseases. After they gain access to your kitchen, rodents can multiply faster than you would think, so you can’t afford to overlook the issue.


In addition to ants and rodents, cockroaches will also jump at the opportunity to get into your pantry and steal your Thanksgiving supplies, and you don’t want them to catch you off guard. Because they do their best to avoid direct light, you probably won’t notice these pests until their nest becomes overcrowded. If you spot cockroaches in or near your home, remember that they are resilient insects, making them difficult to manage.

Protecting Yourself

Even though pests can cause a range of problems that you will want to avoid, you can protect yourself if you implement and follow the right plan. Sealing holes and cracks on the outside of your house will take you far when you want to prevent rodents from getting inside. You can also keep your food in sealable containers when you don’t want ants or cockroaches to find it.

Bug Out

Using the right strategy will significantly reduce your odds of facing a pest infestation during your Thanksgiving dinner, but you can’t eliminate the risk without help. If you would like to know that you and your guests are in good hands, turn to the experts at Bug Out, and you will be glad that you did.