Thanksgiving and Pests

RaccoonEveryone looks forward to the annual feast of Thanksgiving, even uninvited pests. No, we aren’t talking about relatives. The cooler temperatures outdoors can make your home pretty appealing to pests, including mice, roaches, spiders, and ants. Here’s how to protect your home and avoid unwanted guests this holiday season.

Make Any Necessary Repairs

Pests often enter homes through cracks in your home’s exterior. Weatherproofing windows and doors keeps the warm air inside and the bugs and mice out. Also look for gaps or cracks near outside water fixtures and near the home’s foundation. Use caulk to repair any open areas.

Take Additional Precautions Outside

Keep trash containers, recycling bins and firewood at least three feet away from your home. These items attract pests, who will be tempted to move inside as the weather continues to cool down. Keep lids on all outdoor trash receptacles to keep scavengers, like raccoons, away from your home.

Limit Access to Food and Other Consumables

Storing rice, cereal, and other dry goods in plastic containers is an easy way to keep bugs out of the kitchen pantry. It’s also a good idea to rinse dishes immediately after use and wipe down kitchen counters after preparing food. Bugs also consumer paper goods and use it for nesting. Keep recycled newspapers in a covered bin outside the home, and bag any unused fabric in your craft/sewing area. Understand that cardboard boxes attract roaches. Transferring storage to plastic bins will also keep mice from destroying your keepsakes.

Trim Trees and Shrubs

Pests attracted to wood, and those who live in trees, are more likely to invade your home if they have a clear path. Trim trees and shrubs to make it harder for these pests to spot and enter your home. Climbing vines should also be cut back or eliminated.

Pesticides Offer Maximum Protection

Applying pesticides around the perimeter of your home is one of the best ways to keep bugs out all season. Keep in mind that consumers have limited access to pesticides. Professional-strength applications require a licensed specialist, like Bug Out. Pest control companies can address any pest problem, even wildlife.

Begin fall and winter preparation early. Waiting for the first cold front leaves your home vulnerable. Protect your home now, so you’ll have one more thing to be thankful for this holiday season.