The Different Types of Ants

An invasion of ants is one of the things that householders fear the most. As well as being unsightly, they can also give nasty bites or stings and some can even cause damage to the property.

Thankfully, there is no need to just accept ants taking over your house when they feel like it.

The Different Types of Ants

There are dozens of types of ant that live in and around Atlanta. This is because the climate in Georgia is ideal for a number of different species of this pest.

Among the common types that you may encounter are black ants, house ants, thief ants, carpenter ants and pharaoh ants. Fire ants are particularly common here at certain times of the year—during the warmer months—although technically this is a generic name used for various different species.

What They Look Like

You can sometimes identify the type of ant just by looking at their color. For instance, thief ants are light brown or yellow. Carpenter ants are red or black. While black ants may also be black, they can also come in a brown tone.

The dreaded fire ants are normally distinguishable due to the fact that they have a red, copper or brown color, with the abdomen darker than the rest.

The Dangers They Pose

Different types of ants present different threats, with some being more aggressive than others. Carpenter ants, for example, are among the most aggressive that we see in Atlanta and as well as giving nasty bites they can also damage the wood in your home.

Fire ants give a painful sting that can be extremely serious and can even be fatal to some people. Once this ant stings you, it can cause an irritating bump to form and this can easily become infected if not treated.

What Attracts Them

These annoying insects are typically attracted to food, especially sweet stuff like sugar. They are most likely to enter your house in search of food, so they will target uncovered food that has been left out or food packaging that is lying around.

Of course, once they get a foothold in a house they can very quickly build up a huge colony if left alone.

How to Prevent Them

As we have seen, these creatures will probably enter your house in search of food. Therefore, the best chance of stopping them from doing so is to make sure that you don’t leave out anything that could tempt them.

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