Types of Squirrels

Squirrel on treeMany people’s experience with squirrels consists largely of seeing them in public parks or wild areas. When squirrels have problems finding their usual sources of food and shelter, however, they have no problem making their way into neighborhoods. This is when you can expect to experience squirrel sightings.

Has your family been kept up at night lately from unusual noises that sound like a wild creature running around on the roof or inside your attic? When you step into your garden to do some weeding or pruning, have you seen signs of destruction? Perhaps your bird feeder is damaged and leaking birdseed, or you have seen evidence that a wild animal has eaten a bird from your backyard birdhouse.

These are signs of a squirrel infestation. As a prudent homeowner, you know that you need to eradicate these pests and you might even be tempted to try to take matters into your own hands. Generally, you will want to contact professionals to make sure that every last squirrel is located and removed safely.

Gray Squirrels

As diurnal creatures, gray squirrels tend to move around during daylight hours. They mate during the spring and fall and have a gestation period that lasts one to two months.

One of the biggest problems with gray squirrels is that they are smart enough to remember their nesting sites and will pass these locations on to their offspring–known as honing–ensuring an ongoing infestation that will require professional help in eradicating.

Flying Squirrels

Unlike gray squirrels, which live in smaller groups, flying squirrels tend to stay in larger groups of multiple families. They often take up residence in attics. Because flying squirrels are nocturnal (active at night and the opposite of gray squirrels), they can keep you and your family up all night when they run around inside your attic.

Damage From Squirrels

Squirrels are known for causing extensive damage in neighborhoods when left unchecked. For example, squirrels will climb on power lines, which can lead to a transformer shorting out and causing a blackout. Squirrels chew on electric wires and specialize in building their nests in attics, noted a report at the Internet Center for Wildlife Management.

Your first indication of a squirrel infestation may be extensive damage in your garden. Squirrels will devour your plants and they enjoy chewing on tree bark. Sometimes squirrels will go after the food in your bird feeder as well.

Not content with vegetation, squirrels will even chew their way through the hole in a birdhouse until it’s big enough to climb inside, where they will then proceed to eat the helpless nesting birds.

When you notice that squirrels are attacking the plants in your garden or are making noises running around on your roof or inside your attic, you’ll want to take action immediately. Since squirrels can be quite elusive, it’s best to work with professionals to take care of the problem and get rid of them all at once. This is why so many homeowners rely on Bug Out when they detect squirrels on their property. For more information about the threats posed by squirrels or to set up an appointment to eradicate them, please contact the professionals at Bug Out today.