The Value of Wildlife Exclusion

raccoon hiding on roof

Whether you’re in Florida, George or North Carolina, the odds are good that you understand when you need an exterminator. You may even know the kind of treatment for your particular problem, be it bait traps in the yard or sprays in the home. With the right company, smaller pests are easy to treat. But what about the bigger nuisance wildlife that get into homes in the South every season? It’s one thing to use pesticide on a miniscule termite as opposed to a raccoon the size of a housecat. At the same time, however, you can’t allow larger animal pests to roam about your home unimpeded. So what can you do? And how can Bug Out help homes in Polk County and beyond?

What is Wildlife Exclusion?

Ask any pest control expert and they’ll tell you that the best control measure is preventative. You don’t have to treat a family of squirrels that have nested in your attic if they never get a chance to get in to begin with. That’s the core element of wildlife exclusion – taking measures to address the many potential vulnerabilities pests can use to get into your property. What this looks like depends on a home-by-home basis. When you work with a Bug Out technician, they will examine all the most common entry point areas, looking at:

  • Broken shingles and roof panels
  • Open porches and decks
  • Vent openings
  • Chimneys
  • Soffits and siding
  • Any cracks and holes around the foundation

When your home is thoroughly sealed, you can worry less about pests big and small getting into your property. That’s the primary benefit for the homeowner themselves, but what if we think of this on a macro scale?

Wider Benefits of Wildlife Exclusion

If you’ve ever heard the scratching and chittering of squirrels, you might only see them as a nuisance that need to be taken care of as soon as possible. It’s important to remember, though, that all animals play a role in the ecosystem – even the annoying ones. Squirrels distribute nuts and raccoons and bats control insect populations. When these wildlife pests take up residence in your home, they’re separating themselves from the environment they’re meant to be in. Once they realize they can no longer get into your home, they’ll note that it’s no longer a suitable nesting place and move on to somewhere else. In that way, wildlife exclusion is ultimately as beneficial to them as it is for you.

Wildlife Control and Removal Through Bug Out

For homes in the Southeast, Bug Out offers comprehensive wildlife control services. We know the varieties of wildlife that may want to take up residence inside your home, and we have the tools and skillset to keep them out for good. With our help you can rest easy without any surprise scratching or mystery pee spots. If you’re interested in keeping the OUT in the Great Outdoors, Bug Out is ready to help. Contact us today to learn more!