Wildlife Problems Caused by Missed Waste Collection

Raccoon in trash near Polk County FL home - Bug Out

Due to the ongoing missed residential waste collection, Polk County is currently under a local state of emergency. The situation has caused residents much frustration. Solid waste has accumulated not just near homes but also along roadways due to the missed collections. This fiasco has even more unintended consequences. Uncollected trash is one of the primary causes of pest infestations, especially nuisance wildlife. During this local state of emergency, the experts at Bug Out are here to help you keep pests from invading your home.

Why Do Wild Animals Come Inside?

Our area has a wide variety of wildlife. Wild animals like squirrels or raccoons do not intentionally enter our homes. The current residential waste collection issues, however, can lead to a trash pileup that will attract wildlife to your home. Unfortunately, these animals might remain even after the waste collection problem has been solved. After their initial resources have been depleted, some wildlife may try to gain access to your property to find more food sources. If they find their way indoors, they’ll undoubtedly cause problems. With their droppings and nests, wildlife can quickly cause structural damage and even create hazardous conditions. The good news is you can avoid these problems by learning how to seal off your home to wildlife in the first place.

How to Prevent Wildlife From Getting Indoors

The process of wildlife exclusion involves sealing entry points so wild animals cannot enter easily. The following areas are the most important to seal around your property:

  • Cracks & holes. It’s important to make sure there are no openings into your home for animals to enter.
  • Porches & decks. Closing off your deck or porch will keep animals from nesting beneath them.
  • Roof. Sealing any entry points and fixing broken roofing will stop animals from getting in.
  • Chimneys. Covering chimneys with a cap or screen keeps pests like squirrels out.
  • Vent openings. Similarly to chimneys, placing screens over vent openings can keep animals out
  • Soffits & siding. Covering overhangs can take away an animal’s shelter.

Your Local Wildlife Control & Removal Experts

Wild animals may be showing up in your yard more than usual at the moment due to garbage collection issues, but wildlife infestations are common throughout the year. Besides sealing your property, you should do your part to prevent wildlife problems. Keep your garbage bins sealed, limit the use of birdseed, and clear debris piles. If in doubt, contact your local pest control experts at Bug Out. All of our technicians are familiar with safe animal removal practices and can assist in wildlife exclusion efforts. Contact us today to learn more!