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What Is the Thermacell LIV?

The Thermacell LIV system is designed to repel, not kill mosquitoes. It releases minuscule amounts of metofluthrin into the air, creating a protective barrier around your outdoor living areas. Enjoy your yard, garden, and outdoor gatherings without the worry of mosquito bites, ensuring a safer, more pleasant environment for everyone.

The Benefits of Thermacell LIV

  • On-Demand Mosquito Protection
  • Professional Installation & Maintenance
  • Eco-Friendly Mosquito Repellent
  • Enjoy the Outdoors
Trusted by thousands of homeowners & businesses

Have used this pest control service for several years. Very rarely have an insect problem, but when I do, Bug Out comes immediately and addresses the issue! They have helped with ground wasps, pantry moths, sink flies, pantry moths, field mice, and roaches as needed over several years. As my regular ongoing service, they are also great. Highly recommend.

– Jody H., Bug Out Customer

Repel Mosquitoes With Bug Out

Ready to reclaim your outdoor spaces and enjoy uninterrupted, eco-friendly mosquito protection? Contact us today to schedule your comprehensive property inspection and take the first step towards a mosquito-free lifestyle with the Thermacell LIV System. Say goodbye to pesky mosquito bites and hello to hassle-free outdoor gatherings! 

How Bug Out Delivers Mosquito-Free Living


We’ll assess your needs and provide a detailed quote for the Thermacell LIV system installation.


Strategic installation of the Thermacell LIV system around your property, ensuring optimal coverage.


Regular inspections for wear and tear. Service includes cartridge refills throughout the mosquito season to ensure continuous protection.


Stay protected year after year with our convenient renewal program. The first annual service is recommended at the beginning of mosquito season.

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Learn why thousands of happy customers have turned to us for help with their pest problems.


Your safety comes first

Our specialists use a proactive approach to eliminate pests. Safety, health, and the environment will always be our top priorities.

Friendly, knowledgeable specialists

In addition to being experts in pest control, Florida Pest Control specialists are state-certified, licensed, friendly, and helpful.

Guaranteed results

Services are backed by a guarantee. We’ll come back as many times as needed.


You can count on us

Customers have put their trust in Florida Pest Control to protect their homes for over 70 years! We are committed to world-class service.

Pest season is here

You’ve likely already noticed an increase in pest activity. Don’t leave your home unprotected.


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Trusted by customers in North Carolina for over 90 years.

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