A Common Autumn Pest: Squirrels

squirrelA Common Autumn Pest: Squirrels

Squirrels might seem cute and friendly to you, but these wild animals can cause damage to your home and yard when they move into the neighborhood. Our home is our largest investment and it is important that we keep squirrels and other wildlife away. Homeowners often put in many long weekends in their backyard and tending to the garden, looking forward to the beauty that will unfold as fruits, vegetables and flowers reach maturity—squirrels can also have a negative impact on your outdoor living space.

Autumn is typically a very active time of year for squirrels. If you suspect squirrels are menacing your home in the Palm Coast, FL area, contact a pest & wildlife professional to take care of the issue.

Stopping Squirrels From Gaining Access To The Home Is Vital

As the weather cools, squirrels will be seeking a warm, safe place to nest and have their litters. The attic of a home is an ideal place for them to settle in and insulation is the perfect material to craft a nest. They will chew and gnaw their way into your home or enter through construction gaps and vents seeking shelter. Squirrels are very territorial, particularly female squirrels with babies; so even if you manage to trap and remove the squirrel yourself, chances are high she will work her way back in. To fully ensure that the squirrel will not re-enter your home, an expert should find the spot where the squirrel is gaining entry, as well as any other possible entry points, and seal them to that the wildlife cannot get back in.

Discouraging Squirrels From Eating Your Plants

To reduce the likelihood of a squirrel “a common autumn pest” issue in your garden, reduce water and food sources, such as dishes you put out for your pets, noted a report from Florida Health. It’s also a good idea to clear debris from your property that squirrels might want to hide in.

A broken or leaking bird feeder can attract squirrels, so periodically check your bird feeder when you walk around your property.

According to a report at Wildlife Damage Control, you can protect your garden by surrounding it with a ¼-inch structure made from wire mesh, which must include a roof because squirrels can climb.

Another problem associated with squirrels is the destruction of trees. Squirrels enjoy eating tree bark, which can cause a branch to die and then fall to the ground, noted a report from the University of Florida.

Call In The Critter Control Experts

It is important that you leave squirrel removal and exclusions to the professionals as there are laws around trapping, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s report, and procedures to a proper and sanitary removal and clean up after a squirrel infestation. The professionals at Bug Out are devoted to helping homeowners in the greater Palm Coast, FL area resolve their squirrel and wildlife problems. Contact Bug Out for a free wildlife evaluation of your property.