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Bat Exterminators – Control & Removal

North Carolina's Bat Control Experts

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Bats are protected animals here in North Carolina. Although they can be intimidating and are associated with some dangers, they are important contributors to our ecosystem. For this reason, it's important to involve a professional bat removal team when they are inhabiting your property. In addition to being hard to get rid of without professional help, bats are known to carry a few diseases—rabies and Histoplasmosis included. At Bug Out, our bat removal experts are trained to safely and humanely get rid of bats around your home or business.

Bat Pest Control Solutions

Bats are just as scared of us as some of us are of them. Although bats don’t often cause property damage, their ability to harbor diseases and spread them through their droppings makes them a cause for concern. As a protected species in North Carolina, bat exclusion must be dealt with by professional bat removal technicians.

Bat Exterminators for YOUR HOME

Our Bat Exterminators Process

Safe, effective, and environmentally responsible plans are necessary for developing sustainable bat control practices. With over 60 years of experience, you can be sure that your family is in good hands when we take care of your bat removal needs. Our bat exterminators will take the following steps to keep your family and home safe from bats:

  • Our team will thoroughly inspect your property to find the reason for your infestation and all hiding places hosting active bats.
  • We will figure out the best possible relocation method, which is often funneling them out of the property.
  • After the relocation, we will continue to provide bat exclusion and prevention services to help you avoid future problems. 

Bat Control for YOUR BUSINESS

Keeping Bats Out of Your Commercial Property

Having a bat infestation around your business can turn customers away in a heartbeat. The key to protecting your business from bats is working with a bat extermination company that prevents bat problems before they start. We always remove bats humanely, whether there are Mexican free-tailed bats hanging out under your eaves or little brown bats inside your attic.

During the fall and winter, Bug Out can provide exhaustive bat removal solutions for your business.

Bug Out Reviews

Have used this pest control service for several years. Very rarely have an insect problem, but when I do, Bug Out comes immediately and addresses the issue! They have helped with ground wasps, pantry moths, sink flies, pantry moths, field mice, and roaches as needed over several years. As my regular ongoing service, they are also great. Highly recommend.

– Jody H.

Pest Control You Can Trust

At Bug Out, we protect against the disease and damage that can be caused by common pests.

Bat Exterminators – Control & Removal Serving Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, and Durham

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