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Mosquito Exterminators – Treatment and Control services for Mosquitoes

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Mosquitoes are one of the most serious pest problems for North Carolina home and business owners. These blood-sucking insects feed on the blood of mammals and humans. Worldwide, they are infamous for transmitting diseases, making them one of the most dangerous insects in the world. Unfortunately, they are also one of the most difficult pests to get rid of without the help of an exterminator.

Bug Out is a leader in controlling mosquito populations. Mosquitoes are a year-round threat in our region, and we are committed to keeping our customers protected against infestations all year long.

Mosquito Pest Control Solutions

As a North Carolina homeowner, you’re no stranger to mosquito problems in the spring and summertime. At the peak of mosquito season, it can seem impossible to even enjoy being outdoors without mosquitoes pestering and potentially biting you. Although it’s tempting to use DIY methods to get rid of them on your own, mosquitoes are relentless. At Bug Out, we offer specialized treatment solutions that are effective against mosquito infestations and prevent future ones.

Mosquito Treatment and Removal Services

Mosquito Barrier Sprays & Fogging

Our highly trained team uses effective mosquito barrier sprays and fogging techniques to protect your property. Common insecticides like permethrin, picaridin, and DEET are at the forefront of our mosquito control solutions. These substances are renowned for their efficacy in repelling and killing mosquitoes while ensuring safety for pets and humans when used correctly. Our application methods include perimeter spraying and foliage treatment, creating an invisible barrier that prevents adult mosquitoes from entering and infesting treated areas. This proactive approach significantly reduces the mosquito population around your home or business, providing a more comfortable environment.

Larvicide Treatments

Breaking the mosquito life cycle is essential for long-term control, so our larvicide treatments target the root of the problem: breeding sites. We use substances that eliminate mosquito larvae before they mature into biting adults. Larvicides are highly effective and pose no threat to the surrounding environment. We also guide homeowners on how to identify and treat potential breeding sites, such as stagnant water in birdbaths, gutters, and plant saucers.

Mosquito Traps and Monitoring Systems

Our mosquito traps and monitoring systems are designed to attract and capture mosquitoes using attractants like carbon dioxide and heat. Proper trap placement, such as in shaded areas or near water sources, is crucial for their effectiveness. We offer regular maintenance to ensure the traps continue to operate at peak performance, helping to lower the mosquito population in and around your property significantly.

Mosquito repellent systems

Our latest mosquito innovation, the Thermacell LIV system, is an advanced solution that creates a barrier against mosquitoes. It is ingeniously designed to deter mosquitoes by emitting very small amounts of metofluthrin, establishing a zone of protection around your leisure spaces.

What are the signs of a mosquito infestation?

There are several telltale signs of a mosquito infestation, including adult mosquitoes resting in shaded, cool areas during the day, frequent mosquito bites, particularly during dusk and dawn, and larvae or pupae in standing water around your property.

What attracts mosquitoes to your home or business?

Several factors can attract mosquitoes to your property. Standing water in containers, gutters, and puddles serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes so this is often the main attractor for these nuisance pests. They are also attracted to carbon dioxide and body heat from human activity. Dense vegetation and overgrown grass also provide perfect resting spots for mosquitoes.

Mosquito Removal for YOUR HOME

Our Mosquito Extermination Process

North Carolina’s warm humid weather attracts mosquitoes to your property year-round, making it important to enlist the help of the mosquito experts at Bug Out. Seasonal mosquito services can help prevent infestations before they begin.

We will take the following steps to keep you mosquito-free:

  1. Our technicians will inspect your property to identify the source of the infestation.
  2. We will apply mosquito control products and treatments to target active infestations.
  3. Our experts will implement exclusion efforts to keep mosquitoes from breeding on your yard in the first place.
  4. We will provide ongoing mosquito control and after-care prevention tips to avoid future infestations.

Learn more about preventing mosquitoes in your yard and discover how effective mosquito treatment can be for protecting you and your family!

Mosquito Extermination for YOUR BUSINESS

Keeping Mosquitoes Away From Your Commercial Property

Mosquito problems around your business can be dangerous and affect your day-to-day operations. These pests aren’t only a nuisance for your team, but the presence of mosquitoes can have a negative impact on your customer’s experience. Even worse, they can drive customers away and endanger your own staff. The key to commercial mosquito control is prevention.

Bug Out understands the behaviors of mosquitoes, and will provide a wide variety of solutions to control mosquito infestations in your business.

Bug Out Reviews

Have used this pest control service for several years. Very rarely have an insect problem, but when I do, Bug Out comes immediately and addresses the issue! They have helped with ground wasps, pantry moths, sink flies, pantry moths, field mice, and roaches as needed over several years. As my regular ongoing service, they are also great. Highly recommend.

– Jody H.

Preventing mosquito infestations for the future

Preventing future mosquito infestations requires ongoing vigilance and maintenance:

  • Regularly empty and clean containers that collect water.
  • Maintain your yard by trimming vegetation and mowing the lawn.
  • Ensure proper drainage around your property to avoid stagnant water.
  • Schedule routine professional pest control treatments to keep mosquito populations in check.

Implementing these strategies can help safeguard your home or business from mosquito-related health risks. Contact your local Bug Out team today to learn more about our comprehensive mosquito extermination services and to book a quote.


The cost of eradicating mosquitoes can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of your property, the extent of the infestation, and the specific treatments required. Contact our team to arrange a free quote.

The most common mosquito species in North Carolina is the Aedes albopictus, also known as the Asian tiger mosquito. This species is easily recognizable by its black-and-white striped legs and body. It is known for its aggressive biting behavior during the daytime and can transmit diseases such as dengue fever, chikungunya, and the Zika virus.

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At Bug Out, we protect against the disease and damage that can be caused by common pests.

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