Ants vs Fire Ants

No matter where you live or how hard you might try to prevent pests from invading, eliminating the problem can seem all but impossible. Although you will likely encounter a range of pests, ants are some of the most common. When you spot them crawling on your sidewalk or in your home, it’s vital you learn to identify the type of ant with which you are dealing so that you can act appropriately. Even if you only spot a single ant in the area, responding quickly is important when it comes to preventing a much larger infestation, and stopping them from getting inside is easier than removing them. You will soon have the knowledge needed to reclaim your home and yard from these tiny insects, allowing you to proceed with confidence.

The Main Difference

Black ants will commonly establish their colony in buildings and near sidewalks, and they won’t waste much time when it comes to getting into your food. On the other hand, fire ants prefer to spend their time outdoors, and these insects can create dirt mounds that are several feet high. While the common house ant is black, you can spot fire ants because they are red. The biggest difference, however, is that fire ants can bite and sting, releasing painful venom.

Reviewing the Danger

Even though they are unpleasant to have around, house ants are usually harmless and won’t cause much trouble, and the biggest concern is that they will contaminate unsealed bags of food. Because fire ants are aggressive and have a painful sting, you will need to use caution when you spot them. When they are disturbed, fire ants will attack in groups and cause a lot of damage, and most people don’t know how to respond to the threat.

Protecting Yourself

When it comes to ants, taking steps to prevent them from getting into your home is one of the most important steps. Keeping food in sealed containers and cleaning up spills quickly will work wonders, but it still won’t be enough to control the problem. At the store, you can buy several products that will kill house and fire ants, putting your worries to rest, but the type of spray that you will choose will depend on your situation and needs. For example, if you have cats or dogs, you can opt for a pet-friendly solution. No matter what you get, don’t forget to check the warnings and directions on the label to avoid unneeded problems.

Bug Out Service

Getting pest control products can help, but you won’t always get the outcome for which you had hoped. No spray can compare to the training and experience of a pest control professional, and you can turn to Bug Out when you need a company on which you can depend. If you don’t want to take chances, give us a call right away.