Snakes And Rats

Snakes and rats are both enough to make most people uneasy when they are sighted in a home or in a yard. Both pests can be hazardous to the health of home occupants, pets and visitors. It is important to know how to prevent snakes and rats from invading your home.

Where To Find Snakes And Rats

Both pests may reside indoors or outdoors. They prefer areas that have little foot traffic. Rats often prefer basements, attics and spaces behind walls. These pests colonize and multiply quickly. You may be aware of the problem until the colony has already grown significantly. However, rats usually leave signs of their presence. Gnawed food bags and containers are often telltale signs of rats or mice. Rats also leave droppings and odorous urine behind.

Snakes may live behind walls, under foundations or in basements. Finding them can be hard because of their reclusive nature. The good news is that they do not live in large colonies. If your home is an ideal snake environment, you may have several of them living with you. The only signs of a snake may be an egg nest or discarded skin. If you see an egg nest, do not touch it. The mother snake is usually nearby and will attack if a predator disturbs the nest.

Risks Of Snakes And Rats

With rats, the main risk is sanitation. Rats usually only bite if they are provoked or threatened. Their urine can carry listeria, which is very harmful to humans. The main risk with snakes is being bitten. Although they are not typically aggressive and on the prowl to find someone to bite, they are hard to see and may bite home occupants who inadvertently step near them or on them. People may also be bitten when reaching into dark places in a basement or crawl space where snakes commonly hide.

Preventing Snakes And Rats

Seal any cracks in the foundation, below outside doors and along windows to keep pests out. Avoid leaving doors open, and be mindful of vents and basement window wells. If a snake or rat has been sighted in the house, it is time to call a professional pest control company. Bug Out offers fast, affordable and effective pest control in the Atlanta area. Call today for a free estimate.

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