Flying Termites

Spring is nearly here, and with it, hoards of swarming insects. One of the most concerning pests we deal with here in North Carolina is the termite. While these destructive pests are active year-round, springtime is when they are known to begin swarming and infesting new areas. For that reason, it’s crucial to be on the lookout for flying termites this time of year and to know how to prevent them from getting indoors. At Bug Out, we know how distressing the thought of a termite infestation is. Our experts are here to share everything you need to know about flying termites, from identifying them to getting rid of them for good.

What to Know About Flying Termites

Seeing flying termites in or near your home is one of the biggest indicators of a potential infestation. This makes it imperative to always keep an eye out for these pests. Also known as “swarmers” or “alates”, flying termites are black to brown in color and measure 3/8″ long including the wings. Their wings are translucent to slightly milky or smoky in color. Their wings may overlap and are typically as long as or slightly longer than the body.

Flying termites typically swarm in the spring and find their way into structures around basement windows, doorways, near porches, or any other area where wood comes into contact with soil. A mature colony can slowly devour your structure without you even noticing, which is why it’s important to have preventative measures in place.

How to Prevent Termite Swarms

Especially in the spring, it’s crucial to always be on the lookout for signs of flying termites. The good news is that there are several things you can do to make your property less penetrable to these wood-destroying insects. Some of the top tips to prevent flying termites in your North Carolina home include the following.

  1. Store all firewood away from the perimeter of your home.
  2. Repair issues with your plumbing to avoid any leaks or moisture that could attract termites.
  3. Clear your yard of any rotting wood, trees, etc. Ensure your porch or deck is maintained.
  4. Keep all mulch away from the foundation of your home.
  5. Work with a professional termite control expert to implement treatments that repel termites.

Worried About Termites in Your Home?

Whether you suspect an active termite infestation or noticed flying termites near your home, you’re going to need help to get rid of them! The best defense against a wood-destroying insect infestation is to get annual inspections from a professional pest control company such as Bug Out. Contact us today to learn more about preventing flying termites near your home year-round.

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