Summer Pests

As the heat of summer starts to fade, some may think they can let their guard down when it comes to pest control and awareness. This can be a big and costly mistake. There are still plenty of people spending time outdoors, and while there’s warmth and food to enjoy there is the same for any insects and rodents in your area. These pests can take advantage of the season to get what they need – be it blood, food, or a place to nest. You don’t want these unwelcome guests to disturb your summer. Luckily, with the right preventative measures, you can avoid an influx of insects or rodents in and around your property. So keep reading to learn what pests to look out for and how Aberdeen Exterminating can help keep your home clear.


Late Summer Pests

Every season comes with its own pests that have adapted to the conditions. Because of that, the pest problems in summer tend to involve creatures that thrive in warmer weather. This means that around now you may see some of the following:

Bees, Wasps and HornetsThese stinging instincts work, pollinating plants and eating the food left outside at barbeques and other outdoor get-togethers. Because of that, they can pose a problem well into the end of summer.

Ticks: The early summer is breeding season for ticks, who thrive in overgrowth during warm weather. A few months after they reach maturity they will climb to the top of the grass and wait for a host.

Wildlife: Bugs aren’t the only pests you have to worry about in late summer. Animals like raccoons, possums and squirrels are known for wandering into neighborhoods during the late summer, tearing through trash bins and making a mess.

MosquitoesMosquitos are pervasive and difficult to control. If they establish a successful breeding population, it can be nearly impossible to exterminate them by the time late summer rolls around. Mosquitoes are active as long as the outdoor temperature stays above 50°F.


Pest-proof Hacks for Your Property

If your pest infestation is severe enough, the best way to treat it is by hiring a professional exterminator. However, there are always preventative measures you can take. To do this, we at Aberdeen Exterminating suggest:

  • Keeping your yard tidy by trimming trees and shrubs and promptly disposing of grass clippings and other debris that can house pests.
  • Seal your home, covering any cracks or gaps in roofing, foundation or siding
  • Protect your trash by getting outside bins that can fully seal and taking the trash out regularly.
  • Monitor standing water, which provides an easy breeding ground for mosquitoes.


Help with Summer Pests

If you’ve done all of this and more and still find yourself struggling with some kind of late summer pest, Aberdeen Exterminating has the skills and experience you need to clear out any bugs or rodents from your property. We’ve been providing quality pest control services in Moore County NC since 1960. Contact us today to get started and say goodbye to late summer pests!

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