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Pest Control in Kernersville

Kernersville’s Experienced Exterminators

We live a quieter way of life in Kernersville. We have a smaller population, but a diversified economy that covers everything from education to manufacturing. With every passing year more and more people are being drawn to our modest city, with its manicured parks and variety of shops and restaurants. And there are cultural festivals thrown throughout the year, like the Kernersville Spring Folly with its live music and local food. For those looking for a small town to call home, Kernersville welcomes you.

Sadly, even in such a magnificent location, there is one problem that persists: pests. Unwanted bugs and rodents can quickly spoil your property’s charm, but fear not – Bug Out is here to assist you!

Best Kernersville Exterminators

Bug Out Pest Control
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Highly Rated Pest Control

I have been using Bug Out for a number of years now and have no problem with their service. Both the office and service personnel are always professional, courteous, knowledgeable and friendly.
– Patricia K.

Common Pests in Kernersville

Your Local Bed Bugs Exterminator in Kernersville

Bed bugs often catch a ride on clothes or luggage, causing stubborn infestations that can be tough to eliminate without professional help. Our swift and effective solutions ensure long term protection from bed bug problems in your home or business, by precisely targeting infestations to eradicate these tricky pests for good.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitos are a year round threat in our region. Reclaim your outdoor spaces with Bug Out’s advanced mosquito control. Our experts specialize in minimizing mosquito presence. From targeted spraying to preventive measures, we’ve got it covered.

Flea infestations

Don’t let these tiny parasitic pests disrupt your peace of mind at home, or compromise your business’s hygiene.Our flea and tick exterminators will thoroughly inspect your property and tailor our treatment plans to ensure long lasting strategies to keep this pest away!

Rodent Control

Bug Out’s trained rodent exterminators swiftly identify and seal rodent entry points, safeguarding your home or business with our rat and mice control services. Our skilled technicians eliminate and prevent rodent infestations, protecting your property from potential damage and health risks. Discover more about our rodent control solutions.

Wasps Control

Dealing with a wasp issue on your own can be tough and dangerous. Wasps may get aggressive when they feel threatened, causing painful stings.  Our skilled wasp exterminators can quickly remove wasps and their nests, ensuring safety for your family, staff, and customers.

Our expert pest technicians can protect your Kernersville property from the following common pests:

Local Areas We Cover in and Around Kernersville

We cover the Forsyth County area including: Kernersville, Winston-Salem, Walkertown, Lewisville, Clemmons and Rural Hall. No matter where you are based, our team is ready to help protect your North Carolina home or business from unwanted pests.

Eliminate Pests With Bug Out

Having a pest-free* environment is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable daily life in Kernersville. Luckily, you can count on Bug Out to provide just that. With 60 years of experience, we have successfully dealt with pests of all shapes and sizes.

Our services extend beyond eradicating pests from residential and commercial properties. We also offer other effective solutions like TAP Insulation and Crawl Space Moisture Control to prevent future infestations.

Get Help From a Pest Control Expert

If you’re not certain about the specific pest control services that would best suit your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Kernersville branch and ask for a free Total Home Pest Evaluation. Our skilled team will send a licensed and certified Pest Control Professional to your property for a comprehensive 6-point inspection to identify any potential vulnerabilities. Once they have assessed your situation, they’ll recommend the most appropriate solutions.

In addition, Bug Out can also answer urgent pest issues that require immediate attention. You can contact us at any time to receive swift and efficient assistance.


Prices for pest control can vary based on the type of treatment needed, the size of the property, and the extent of the infestation. Contact us to book an inspection and get a free quote.

While different pests can cause various levels of damage, termites are among the most destructive. They can silently and rapidly damage wooden structures, potentially causing significant harm before detection. Regular inspections and proactive termite control measures are essential for safeguarding your property. Need an estimate for termite removal? Contact your local Bug Out team!

Bug Out provides extensive pest control services for both commercial and residential spaces. From inspection to long-term solutions – we cover it all. Let us take care of your pest control needs, protecting your Kernersville property from insects, rodents, termites and other troublesome pests!

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