General Pest Prevention: Ants, Roaches

A 2010 survey reported that Florida is the buggiest state in the U.S. Georgia ranked number five. Most residents of these states commonly deal with cockroach and ant problems.


Whether you call it a palmetto bug, a water bug or a croton bug, it might be a cockroach. American cockroaches and smokey brown cockroaches are often referred to as palmetto bugs. The American cockroach can grow up to two inches long and is dark brown with a lighter midsection. The smoky brown cockroach is similar in size but has a mahogany hue. Both of these cockroaches can fly.

The German cockroach is much smaller than the American cockroach. This species is usually brown and has two stripes behind its head. Although German cockroaches have wings, they seldom fly. They are most often found in the kitchen and around water sources.


Although ants are much smaller than cockroaches, they can be a nuisance when they invade your home in droves. Odorous house ants often find their way into buildings during wet weather. They feed off of sweets, meat and oils and can make nests within your walls or underneath your floorboards. Odorous house ants also emit a rotten smell when they’re crushed.

Carpenter ants are black with yellow hairs on their abdomen. If you notice small piles of what looks like sawdust around the edges of your floors, you may have a carpenter ant problem.

Argentine ants are tiny, but they can infest your home by the thousands. Their large colonies may be difficult to get rid of. Argentine ants are extremely resilient.

How Can Ants And Cockroaches Become Problematic?

Just the thought of an ant or a cockroach infestation in your home can make you shudder. Because cockroaches prefer dark, moist environments, they are often found in the kitchen and bathroom. However, they can make their home in any part of yours.

Cockroaches can carry disease because they often feed on rotten food that may be contaminated. They can infect your food and eating surfaces. Cockroaches can leave behind smears of feces or speckled droppings. They can damage fabric, books and furniture.

Odorous house ants don’t damage property, but they can contaminate food. Carpenter ants can cause significant damage to wooden structures. Unlike termites, carpenter ants don’t eat wood. Instead, they dig into it to create nests for their colonies. Argentine ants can be destructive in your outdoor gardens and a bother when they make it inside your house.

The heat and humidity of Florida and Georgia make these states ideal homes for pests. If you’re not comfortable with bugs in your house, contact Bug Out for all of your pest control needs. We get to the root of the problem so we can stop it for good.