Get Educated on Rodent Awareness Week

Learn About Rodent Awareness Week

Bug Out serves the residential and business customers in the greater Atlanta metro area. Our comprehensive pest control solutions are supplemented by our rodent awareness week. Every relationship is important to us, and we always strive to give you the best information available on rodent detection and elimination.

Rodent Awareness Week

Rodents are small mammals that have the ability to transmit diseases to humans. Many of these diseases don’t come from the rodent. It is common for these diseases to be transmitted through small fleas or ticks, which tend to ride on the back of the rodent. Rodent infestation are often made visible through disturbing trails of feces or urine. They also tend to ransack pantry areas where open food containers might be located. Our service professionals can determine if you have a rodent infestation and develop a plan to eliminate these critters from your property. During rodent awareness week, we strive to provide essential information about pest control in the Atlanta area. Our services are available for businesses and residential customers, and we appreciate the value of a well-informed public.

What Attracts Rodents?

One of the best ways to avert a serious rodent infestation is to become aware of the common things around your home that are attractive to rodents. Take action to remove as many of these items as possible. For example, rodents are attracted to the smell of food, so many people will cover all of their food items in air-tight containers. While this is a positive step, it is also common for people to overlook the effect of trash in attracting rodents to the inside of the home. This is true for the trash cans outside of the home as well as the ones inside of the kitchen. Cover all trash cans to reduce the possibility that a rodent infestation may occur. Unfortunately, there is no way to be completely sure that an infestation won’t happen, and that’s why it is important to always have the number of a qualified Bug Out professional available.

Where Rodents Hide

Rodents often enter the home or business through small cracks and crevices in the walls, attic, basement or garage. They can live for a while inside of the home without being detected, which creates a dangerous situation for anyone who has a weak immune system. Rodents come in a variety of sizes, and they have small, round bodies with long tails and sharp claws. Rodent infestations can cause mental distress for many people, and they can often avoid cats and other popular methods of rodent control. Once they enter the property, they can hide in a variety of dark and hidden places. They often migrate to abandoned attic areas, and they may breed there for a long period of time without being detected. They also scurry through the walls and only come out after dark. They may leave the home during the daylight hours and return to look for water and food when everyone is asleep. If you are dealing with a rodent infestation, call Bug Out today.