How to Reduce Mosquito Breeding Spots Around Your Home

Swarm of mosquitoes

Water may be essential to our well-being, but it’s also a must for mosquitoes’ survival. Excess water buildup draws these unwanted visitors to your property, creating both a nuisance and a health threat. Bug Out can help tips on how to reduce mosquito breeding spots around your home.

The Mosquito’s Breeding Cycle

Mosquito infestations occur where females lay their eggs. Throwing a wrench into the breeding cycle is key; if they can’t find a good spot, usually near water or in vegetation, they’ll move on. And the life cycle moves quickly. The female lays 100 to 300 eggs at once, and the eggs can hatch into larvae within two days’ time. After as little as a week, they enter the pupa stage of development, before fully maturing a couple of days later.

Outdoor Maintenance

Some of the routine tasks you already perform will help keep the local mosquito population away. Stay on top of these chores, and you’ll deprive these little buzzers of their breeding ground:

  • Don’t let grass grow too tall
  • Keep gutters clean and in working condition
  • Prune shrubs and clear excess greenery
  • Keep an eye out for water-gathering trash

While you probably maintain your home and lawn on a regular basis, keep in mind that a bit of heavy vegetation or a place that allows an inch of water to collect can be enough to attract mosquitoes.

Other Backyard Mosquito Breeding Grounds

These insects, which are part of the same family as flies, will gather anywhere water collects. Birdbaths are hot spots, so make sure the water is fresh or use a style incorporating running water. Keep pet dishes inside when not in use, and dump old water from troughs. Fix dripping faucets, and check planters for proper drainage. Other common mosquito sites include:

  • Wheelbarrows
  • Tarps on pools and boats
  • Overturned trash can lids
  • Ponds and landscaping water features

Mosquito Control from the Experts

Keeping your property free of out-of-control plants and spots where water can accumulate is the most effective form of mosquito control. But, if you already have a problem with mosquitoes, give the professionals at Bug Out a call. We provide Florida homes and businesses with safe, effective mosquito treatment and prevention plans.