Protect Your Home from Squirrels This Season

SquirrelMany homeowners enjoy the presence of wildlife on their property, and it’s not an unusual practice to set up feeding stations to draw the animals in. Gray squirrels may be among the most popular visitors to your yard, and it’s great fun to watch the adorable little critters scurry up trees and sit up to chew on a delectable treat. However, the gray squirrel is capable of causing some serious problems. Here at Bug Out, we’ve seen the damage that gray squirrels can do, and we’ve been called on to humanely remove several of these animals from homes throughout Atlanta, Georgia.

An Attic Full of Gray Squirrels

In many cases, you may find yourself infested with gray squirrels even if you’ve chosen not to place out their favorite foods or provide nesting boxes because many things in your home are naturally attractive to this animal. Gray squirrels love vegetables, so they are sure to show up if you’ve planted a garden close to your windows. and your birdbath or lawn pond are great places for them to enjoy a drink of water. These squirrels may also be attracted by nesting birds because they sometimes steal eggs, and those who have windows leading to your attic also may have nests in those windowsills as well.

Possible Dangers From Gray Squirrels

In Your Home: Gray squirrels are naturally curious, and they will enter your home if they can find a way inside. They have no trouble jumping from a nearby tree onto your roof, and they can gain entrance through the chimney or any small holes that they find or make themselves by gnawing. These squirrels adore attics, and it’s not unusual to find a nest that has been built beneath the attic insulation. Damage can occur to the insulation itself from their burrowing, and their constant gnawing at your home’s wires or pipes could lead to a fire or serious water damage.

Contact Us Today for the Removal of Gray Squirrels

If you have concerns about gray squirrels or any other type of wildlife, then give us a call here at Bug Out. You’ll receive a free pest-control evaluation, and we’ll remove the animals in an ethical and cruelty-free manner.