Protect Your Home from Termites

Termites are destructive creatures and cause homeowners a number of headaches. After an infestation hits your house, you may be facing expensive repairs. In six months, termites can destroy an entire property. To guard against problems, it is important to understand a few ways to protect your home and why it is helpful to consult with a professional pest control company.

Five Ways to Protect Your Home from Termites

1. Inspect Your Air Conditioning Unit. Termites love moisture. If your A/C unit has a leak, it will create a puddle that will attract these creatures. To avoid problems, it is vital to make sure that all tubes are free of cracks and that the moisture release is pointed away from your home’s foundation.

2. Proper Storage. Your attic may be stuffed with old books, magazines, and photos. Paper is a prime food source for termites. To keep these creatures from ruining you memories or destroying your property, it is best to store these types of items in sealed tubs.

3. Address Cracks. Termites are able to squeeze into extremely tight crevices. It is essential to inspect the seals around your doors and windows and to fill any openings.

4. Avoid Wood Piles. When the weather gets cool, you may use a wood-burning stove to take the chill out of the air. If you have wood piled near you home, it is smart to move it away from your foundation.

5. Use Proper Gardening Techniques. Termites may use your yard or garden as a playground. If you have old stumps in your yard, it is advised to have them removed. Termites will feast on the wood. Also, if your landscape is filled with wood-chipped mulch, it is wise to use an alternative material. Wood retains moisture, which will attract termites. Better options include mulch made from plastic, rubber, or rock.

Signs of a Termite Infestation

Although it may be difficult to detect a termite infestation before a severe problem begins, here are the most common signs that may indicate an issue.

  • Damaged Wood: If you notice that your wood looks crushed around a structure’s bearing points, a termite infestation may be present. Knocking on the wood may result in a hollow sound as well.
  • Piles of Wings: As young termites grow and look to begin new colonies, they shed their wings. If you notice these items, it is wise to act quickly.
  • Mud Tunnels: Subterranean termites thrive underground. As they crawl to the surface, they require a source of moisture, which takes the form of mud tunnels. If you notice these creations near your home’s foundation, an infestation may be present.

Reasons to Call a Professional Pest Control Company

Since termite damage is often severe, it is smart to prevent a problem or to catch an issue early. A professional pest control company will use proper equipment to inspect your property. These experts know where termites lurk and fully comprehend the signs of an infestation. They will quickly get to the source of the problem and recommend the most effective treatment method.

At Bug Out, we proudly serve Atlanta and the surrounding areas. We offer the Sentricon System with Always Active technology, which has the ability to eliminate an entire colony of creatures. The best part is that this system provides little disruption so that hassles are kept to a minimum. Call us to schedule a consultation for any type of pest management.