What’s to Blame for the Recent Resurgence of Bed Bugs?

Bed bug on a toothpick

Bed bugs have been the bane of our existence for centuries. The bloodsuckers ceased to be a problem in the United States during World War II with the introduction of dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT). Unfortunately, in the past few decades, they’ve come back in full force. From Jacksonville, FL’s bed bug control providers at Bug Out, learn the factors that have helped them return.

Travel and the Bed Bug Boom

Air travel was deregulated in the U.S. in 1978. Flying became much more affordable, resulting in increased international travel. While bed bugs had been virtually wiped out at one point in the States, this wasn’t the case in Europe. Travelers unwittingly brought home the pests and likely distributed them to other cities here. And while this type of bug was once mainly restricted to tenement houses, they began appearing in hostels, motels and even luxury hotels. They’re found in the cleanest homes in the nicest neighborhoods as well.

Because they’re so commonly associated with travel, the summer is peak season for bed bugs. See the video below to learn more about this seasonal spike in infestations:

Pesticide Resistance

Just before DDT was banned in 1972 for its effects on wildlife, these bugs had begun developing a resistance to it. Its effectiveness depended on disrupting the insects’ ion channels, allowing the chemicals to destroy their nervous systems. As the bugs’ resistance emerged, they were able to close those channels and survive. Before its demise, the residual pesticide had been so effective because it stayed behind on carpeting and other materials. The insects walked through it and absorbed the pesticide.

Hard to Handle on Your Own

Bed bugs are difficult to eradicate without proper training and expertise, and over-the-counter chemical sprays could be dangerous if used incorrectly. Doing it yourself is usually ineffective because of the bugs’ tendency to hide in nooks and crannies that only a pest technician knows how to reach. Let a professional handle your bed bugs. They’re equipped with modern, effective pesticides and knowledge of where to apply them for thorough eradication.

How to Control Bed Bugs

Careful inspections of your hotel room upon arrival and your luggage before you leave helps ensure that you don’t bring bed bugs home. If you do discover evidence of an infestation, contact Bug Out right away. We provide safe, effective bed bug control and other types of pest treatments not only in Jacksonville, FL, but also many other nearby communities.