Prepare Your Home For Termite Swarm Season

termite damaged window

Termites swarm every year and people living in Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding region must take precautions against their homes being attacked by termites. Prepare your home for termite swarm season. Termite swarm season can start as early as February or March, depending on the weather conditions.

In the cooler months of the year, busy homeowners sometimes neglect to arrange for some very basic services that are designed to keep the domicile structurally sound and safe for the family. That’s not surprising, given most people’s hectic schedules. However, its prudent to start thinking about termite control in the winter, as swarms will begin to emerge as soon as the last freeze of winter passes.

After all, you wouldn’t dream of going without regular trips to the mechanic to inspect your vehicle, especially since your livelihood depends on having reliable transportation. You also know how important it is to see your doctor at least once a year for a physical. Similarly, protecting the significant financial and emotional investments you’ve made in your home is of paramount importance. Since termite swarm season is fast approaching, you will want to call Bug Out for a termite inspection now before they get inundated with calls from area homeowners.

Swarming Season For Termites

Experts have determined that termites are most prone to swarming after there has been some warm rain and the ground temperature is about 70 degrees F.

Signs of an infestation include catching a glimpse of the insects flying at night as they are drawn to your lights or the glare given off by computers and TV sets. You may also notice wings that fell off termites piling up on your windowsills, noted a report from the State of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Some homeowners see small wood shavings and pellets on the floors of the home. These pellets are hard to see individually, but they pile up and become more noticeable as the termites continue infesting the wood surfaces.

Professional pest control experts will make a comprehensive tour of your home, looking for evidence that termites have made their way inside.

Why Arrange For Preventative Inspections?

If you wait until you see termites, you already have an issue. Preventative inspections and treatment is the best way to keep your home protected. Our experienced Service Consultants will thoroughly evaluate your property looking for any signs of current or previous termite activity as well as conducive conditions. Conducive conditions—having mulch too close you home, having exposed wood on your home, keeping your firewood butted up against your home—all conditions in which termites can thrive. Your Bug Out professional will work with you to make your home less attractive to this unrelenting pest.

Schedule Your Termite Inspection Now

If you’ve never had your home inspected for termites, there is no time like now to take care of this vital task. You’ll want to go with licensed and bonded professionals with many years in pest inspections, eradication and control in the greater Jacksonville, FL area. For details on our team’s considerable termite knowledge or to arrange for a free estimate for a preventative inspection, please feel free to contact the experts at Bug Out today.