Fire Ant

Fire ants boast a painful bite – and one that’s very dangerous for those who are allergic. But this isn’t the only way in which these fascinating creatures differ from other ants. Bug Out, serving Florida, Georgia & North Carolina, understands the ways they stand out and why ant control is a must for your home or business when dealing with this species.

Physical Features of the Fire Ant

The fire ant has easily noticeable features that differ from those of other ants. While there are many kinds of fire ants, they all differ physically from other ants in the following ways:

  • Two nodes between the trunk (or thorax) and abdomen
  • Antennae is divided into 10 sections, including the “elbow” at the top

Although usually associated with the color red, a fire ant may be red or black. The fire ant is between 1/8 and 1/4 of an inch long. This type of ant also has a visible stinger.

Fire Ant Behavior

Since you’d have to be a little close for comfort to see some of these differences, watch for the following other identifiers:

  • Ants climbing vertically
  • Ant hills up to 18 inches high without a hole on top
  • Ants swarming out of the nest when it’s poked

Fire ant hills are usually found in wet areas, including freshly irrigated lawns. They often appear after it rains. The bite of a fire ant burns and leaves behind a red spot topped by a blister.

More Fire Ant Facts

Fire ants are found throughout the South, and there are 280-plus varieties living in colonies with as many as a quarter of a million ants. While their nests often have mounds, known as ant hills, they are actually located underground. Unlike most ants, these ants are quite aggressive. They have even been known to kill small animals when attacking in groups. People with fire ant allergies are just as vulnerable to their painful – and sometimes deadly – bite.

Defense Against Fire Ants

Unlike most ants, the fire ant poses a safety threat to both people and animals. While fire ant allergies are rare, they can be fatal. If you see fire ants on your property, Bug Out immediately. We provide effective ant control services to customers in Marietta, GA and the surrounding area.

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