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Arachnophobia ranks right up there with fear of heights and public speaking – and it’s at the top for many of us. We can’t blame you for being afraid of spiders. They’re sneaky and creepy, and some are even dangerous. If your suspicion that you’re sharing your home with multi-legged pests has come true, these spider control tips are for you. Keep your Florida or North Carolina home a spider-free zone with the help of Bug Out.

Seal Your Home Against Spider Infestations

In addition to setting up house in buckets and other containers, spiders love wood, leaves and plants. Make it more difficult for these pests to squeeze in through small openings by making a few easy modifications. Caulk cracks in your home’s walls, and seal gaps around windows and doors. Repair or replace torn or damaged screens, and place fine bug screens over vents and the chimney. As a bonus, you’ll make it harder for all kinds of pests to enter.

Bugs: A Spider Food Source

A spider infestation can result, in part, from bugs running free in your home. Arachnids eat insects, so eliminating other pests deprives the spider population of a food source in your home. It’s difficult to kill a spider with chemical sprays since it doesn’t usually clean itself, its body is raised from the ground and direct contact with product is required to kill spiders.   Controlling spiders can be difficult, so keeping other pest away is your best option for resolution.

Make Your Home Less Hospitable

You might be surprised to learn that pesky spiders find the clutter in their homes irresistible. From half-empty cardboard boxes cast aside in the guest bedroom to piles of dirty laundry, these critters will get comfortable in just about any neglected area of your St. Augustine FL home. Cleaning counters, sinks, floors and other surfaces daily will also help deter the creepy crawlers.

Let Us Help You Get Rid of Spiders

From keeping your house scrupulously clean to housekeeping other pest populations in your home at a minimum, you have powerful weapons at your disposal in the war against spiders. If your home has already been invaded or for preventative spider control, contact Bug Out. We provide St. Augustine FL and other Florida communities with safe, effective spider control.

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