Wasp Nest
Spotting wasps in or near your home can be upsetting. Although a wasp sting isn’t dangerous for most people, those with allergies or sensitivities can suffer reactions ranging from mild to life-threatening. If you’ve spotted a nest or suspect an infestation, professional wasp control is a must. Bug Out understands where nests can be found in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina.

How to Find a Wasp Nest

If you’ve noticed wasp activity, you’ll probably find a nest on your property or somewhere nearby. To track the nest, leave pancake syrup or canned fish out as bait. A wasp colony will carry its food back to the nest or fly home in a straight line after feeding; watch from a safe distance.

Wasp Aggression

While the average wasp is passive unless cornered, it may become aggressive under these conditions:
  • Hot weather
  • Overcrowded nest
  • Becoming drunk from fermented fruit
  • Bored from lack of “work” at summer’s end
Resist the temptation to knock the nest down. Instead, contact local wasp control professionals for safe removal.

Types and Locations of Wasp Nests

The following are wasp types found in the Atlanta, GA area, along with common nest locations.
  • Paper wasps: Nests are open-structured, shaped like an upside-down umbrella, and made of hexagonal cells. They’re found in the eaves of houses and may be made up of multiple nests built on top of each other.
  • German wasps: This type of wasp builds nests in ground cavities. German wasps travel in groups on warm, sunny days.
  • Yellow jackets: These bee-like stinging insects build papery nests in ground hollows or wall voids.
  • Mud daubers: Nests are tubular and constructed from mud or clay. They’re found in cracks and gaps along masonry work or on houses or other structures.
You might also find wasp nests in sheds or behind shutters. Other sites include trees, lofts and, less commonly, undisturbed corners of the home or inside armoires.

Eliminate Nests in the Spring

The ideal time to have a nest removed is earlier in the year. Wasps become more aggressive and nests get bigger at summer’s end. Queens also lay their eggs in spring, so getting rid of the problem early means eliminating the colony’s workers. Bug Out offers safe, effective wasp control solutions in near Atlanta, GA. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.

Preventive Measures with Natural Repellents

While understanding where wasps build their nests and eliminating them is important, taking preventive measures can help avoid future infestations. Utilizing certain plants in your landscaping can naturally deter wasps and bees, making your outdoor spaces safer and more enjoyable. Incorporating species such as marigolds, citronella, and peppermint around your home can keep these stinging insects at bay.

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