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As the temperature rises and the rain falls, springtime in North Carolina brings many things everyone looks forward to. Among the blooming trees and flowers, mosquitoes are coming out of hibernation. These pests are looking to make you and your family their next meal. Mosquitoes pose a variety of health risks ranging from mild to severe. Their bites can carry diseases, such as West Nile Virus and malaria, and cause allergic reactions to individuals with sensitivities.

Taking preventative measures before these pests have the chance to bite is the best way to enjoy your time outdoors while staying healthy. The professionals at Bug Out Services provide mosquito prevention services and tips that help prevent mosquitoes from being a problem in the first place!

Mosquito Prevention Measures

In addition to professional services, there are ways you can start mosquito-proofing your home and yard for the season to come. While many DIY tips and tricks exist online for mosquito prevention, many of these don’t actually work. We have identified which of these methods you can trust, and which ones to steer away from.

Try These:

  • Mosquito Netting: This netting is used heavily in Asian-Pacific countries where a large number of mosquitoes live and spread diseases, and for good reason too. Mosquito netting provides a barrier that these pests cannot get past. Use it around your house by attaching netting to your doors, windows, or even outside seating areas. 
  • Insect Repellents: Tried and true insect repellents have EPA-approved DEET or Picaridin in them. These repellents have gone through rigorous testing and are the most effective method of controlling mosquitoes from landing and biting you.
  • Drain Standing Water: Female mosquitoes can lay her eggs in as little as half an inch of stagnant water. Make sure to drain as much standing water from your yard as you are able to. Turn over buckets, children’s toys, and flower pots. Fix any leaky or broken faucets to prevent puddles from forming close to your home. 

Leave These:

  • Citronella Candles: While these candles can work, the stipulations surrounding their effectiveness are more of a hassle than anything. You must be directly next to the candle to reap the benefits of it; if you’re not within its small radius, you are not protected. These candles must be replaced often and lose potency quickly. 
  • Bug Zappers: Many insects are attracted to a bug zapper. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are not one of them. Mosquitoes are attracted to the CO₂ humans and animals exhale, our body heat, and various scents that come off of us. A zapper does not emit any of these, making it useless against mosquitoes. Bug zappers can also attract and kill natural predators of mosquitoes, such as dragonflies. 

Professional Mosquito Prevention

While you can work on continued prevention throughout the spring and summer, if mosquitoes are not dealt with from the start, they will become a problem. Professional pest control services are able to target mosquitoes from the start. By targeting where they live and breed, the reproduction cycle is broken and your yard is saved. The mosquito control experts at Bug Out have been providing service for North Carolina for over 50 years. Our program is guaranteed to prevent larvae from hatching, repel and kill mosquitoes, and protect your family and pets with products that are not harmful. Allow the pest control experts with Bug Out to provide you with a pest-free* home!

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