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Summertime is winding down, but it’s not done yet! Here in North Carolina, these late summer days are perfect for soaking in the heat at the beach, hiking, and cookouts with friends and family as the fading temperatures lead us into fall. As we get busy packing in our final summer activities, pests are busy looking for a way into our homes.  

What’s the Buzz on Summer Pests? 

You might think that the dropping temperatures of late summer would deter pests – but pests don’t disappear right away! The allure of garden blooms, overripe fruit scattered in yards, and unsealed food waste in garbage bins can quickly cause your home to become overrun with these unwanted guests. Any number of pests are most active during the humid North Carolina summers, but some of the most prolific are: 

Mosquitoes: This nuisance thrives in summer, and by late summer their swarms are well established. Humid and warm rainy conditions are perfect for creating standing or stagnant water – which is where mosquitoes breed – in many places on your property. Not only are their bites annoying, but with Malaria having been reported on American soil, they bring with them an added element of health risk. 

Flies: House flies and fruit flies live for the humid warmth of late summer. Flower and vegetable gardens, fruit-bearing trees, and food waste left unsealed in garbage bins will call these pests to invadeyour property. They breed fast and in large numbers, so you can easily find your home overrun with them. 

Bees, Wasps, & Hornets: These stinging pests are notorious for their attraction to sweet scents. Overripe fruit from trees on your property, flower blooms (particularly white ones), and sweet foods in unsealed garbage bins will attract them to you. By late summer, their nests have been established, increasing their numbers and the likelihood of a potentially dangerous encounter. 

Ticks: More time spent outdoors means more chances of picking up one of these unwanted hitchhikers. Relatives of the arachnid, ticks grab ahold of us and our pets through tall grass, weeds, shrubs, and bushes. Additionally, these pests are well known to spread some unpleasant diseases like Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  

Ants: With so many mouths to feed in their large colonies, ants are always in search of food resources. In late summer ants are typically busy foraging for the queen for the colder winter months to come. If ants find your home to be a food resource, you can have a hard time keeping them out without professional assistance due to the pheromone trails they leave and come back to relentlessly. 

Cockroaches: These pests prefer warm and humid environments, making North Carolina summers the perfect time for them to invite themselves into your home. With their numbers increased by late summer, you’ll have a higher chance of an unwanted infestation as they search out new food sources. They are very good at hiding, so if you happen to see even one, there’s many more lurking.  

Spiders: Late summer will bring these pests inside your home as they seek out the milder indoor temperatures and the higher likelihood of food sources like flies or ants. Giant house spiders are most active in summer, so if you notice higher arachnid activity, you may have an infestation issue. 

Rodents: Always opportunistic, these creatures are forever seeking new nesting locations, and your home is prime real estate. Frequently open doors, screens in need of repair, holes along the roof, or gaps in door frames are all easy entry points for mice and rats. 

Stay Pest Free with Bug Out 

The expertly trained professionals at Bug Out have 60 years of experience serving our community. We understand how pests can have a negative impact – more importantly, we understand how to get rid of them and keep them out. Whether you find yourself in need of emergency infestation services, or year-round protection – we’ve got you covered. For a free quote, give us a call today! 

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