Picnics and ants go together like peanut butter and jelly. It seems like every picnic or outdoor barbecue always brings out the ants in droves. It’s that time of year for people to have tailgating and BBQ get togethers, firing up the grill with good food, friends and family. If you want to enjoy a meal without fighting off the ants, Bug Out can help.
<h3>Avoiding Ants at Your Barbecue</h3>
The South is no stranger to ants. In fact, you can find many different ant species roaming yards throughout North Florida and Southeast Georgia. From the destructive carpenter ant to the erratic tawny ant, you can’t take a step without encountering at least one species in your backyard or at a park. Some of the more common ants in our service area include:

• Argentine ants
• Pharaoh ants
• Sugar ants

During your barbecue, you might see an influx of carpenter ants, especially if you’re grilling out on your deck. Though carpenter ants burrow into wood, they don’t have an appetite for it. These pests love sweet foods and meats, and the scent of your grilled chicken and steak attracts them without fail.

Sugar ants may also show up to your barbecue. These tiny ants range in color from black to orange and enjoy all things sweet. Spilled drinks, cookie crumbs and left-over burger buns make the perfect treat for these ants, which quickly grow in number once they’ve found a food source.

If you’ve noticed more ants than usual as you’re grilling, it’s because the ants have created a pheromone trail to signal for others ants to come and to bring the food back to the colony. By keeping your food covered and cleaning up spills as you go, you can avoid an ant outbreak at your barbecue.
<h3>Professional Ant Control</h3>
If ants have built mounds in your yard or have taken over your property, let Bug Out come in and send them packing. We offer professional ant control services in North Florida and Southeast Georgia and can prevent stubborn ant infestations during your barbecues. Contact us today so that we can inspect your home and property and eradicate ant infestations on the spot.

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