Like all animals, squirrels seek a secluded place to build their nests that is safe from the elements and predators. These annoying rodents consider your home an ideal habitat. You can prevent squirrels from setting up residence in your attic by sealing access points. The following are five common locations that squirrels can use to make their way inside your house.

Roof Edge

Clogged gutters as well as a broken or missing drip edge flashing prevent precipitation from running off properly. As the water backs up, the moisture damages the edge of your roof. Over time, portions of the underlayment will deteriorate creating a hole along the edge of the roof through which a squirrel can enter your home.

Soffit Edge and Vents

When soffits are installed, they may not be flush with the siding on the wall. This creates a space that may allow squirrels to enter your attic. Damaged or missing soffit air vent covers create an entry point. Squirrels can also gnaw through any plastic covers.

Roof Vents and Other Protrusions

A hole near an air vent, a chimney or plumbing stack protruding through your roof is another potential access point. When flashing is damaged or missing, water rots the roof underlayment allowing squirrels to easily chew through this brittle material to invade your attic.

Gable Vent

Similar to roof vents, gable vents help circulate air through your attic. They are typically installed in pairs with one at each end of the house. The vent slats can be made from wood, aluminum, steel or plastic. A squirrel can easily gnaw the slat edge. Once the rodents have chewed away large portions of one or more slats, they can gain entrance to your home.

Wall Vent

Squirrels can gain access through kitchen, bathroom and dryer exhaust vents. They chew through the lightweight, plastic cover installed over the vent. The vent pipe resembles a tree cavity, which is a perfect location to build a nest. In addition to creating an unsanitary condition, a squirrel’s nest lodged inside a vent creates a fire hazard.

Inspect these areas on a regular basis and make repairs if necessary to prevent squirrels from entering your home. If you notice or suspect squirrels or other rodents have gained access to your home, contact Bug Out. Our team can provide a free, no-obligation quote for an effective solution that addresses your pest control problem.

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